Top Ten Surprising Facts About Google

If you are a fan of Google never forget to verify the top ten surprising facts about Google. As Google is getting popular day by day, so it is sure that you will like the list of top ten surprising facts about Google.

10. I Feel Lucky Button

I Feel Lucky Button

Users of Google approximately never utilize the button of “I’m feeling lucky”. But experiments of deleting the button made persons feel painful. Persons didn’t like viewing the removed button.

09. Google Storage

Google Storage

The storage of Google was complete from LEGO! In the year 1998 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page were students of PhD at Stanford, they were functioning on the project of Digital Library Project. They required a huge amount of space to experiment the algorithm of PageRank on great amount of data. That time their research, the prime hard disks sizes were fours GB thus they collected ten of them into an inexpensive cabinet finished of Lego.

08. Googol


It was just a mistake. A mistake in spelling made by the unique founders who thinking that they were moving for ‘Googol’.

07. First tweet of Google

First tweet of Google

The first tweet of Google was in the form of binary code.

06. First company snack of Google

First company snack of Google

In the past Feb, 1999, the stringy candy identified as “Swedish Fish” turns into the first ever snack of company that was prearranged into the office of Google.

05. The First Google Doodle

The First Google Doodle

First homepage Doodle of Google are very popular. Every doodle shows an important event for a specified day. Like, the Google doodle can have eggs utilized as in the shape of O’s in the Google word on the time of Easter. The first doodle had an image of a guy with sticking up his arms. It was utilized throughout the weekend Sergey and Larry took the end off week to go to the festival of Burning Man.

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04. Off Center Logo of Google

Off Center Logo of Google

Famously sparse homepage of Google is measured a typical design in the world of online. The logo of Google, though, was not really centered on the homepage in anticipation of 31st March, 2001.

03. YouTube Deal At Denny’s

YouTube Deal At Denny’s

Steve Chen YouTube co-founder met with administrative at both Yahoo and Google! They didn’t wish to meet at the offices thus they make a decision to meet in Palo Alto over the sticks of mozzarella at Denny.

02. Minimal Design of Homepage

 Minimal Design of Homepage

Homepage of Google has been identified for its straightforwardness. The straightforwardness and negligible design is the only main reasons why Google turns into more famous compare to their rivals such as Yahoo!, MSN, and AltaVista.

01. Google Renting Goats

Google Renting Goats

This is not a funny story! Google hires goats from an organization known as California Grazing. This goat assist Google reduce on the sum of wild plant at the headquarters of Google. Google hires two hundred goats in addition the border and herder collie to slash the weeds.

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