Top Ten Safest Countries In The World

Most of us are stressed with their daily working life, all they need is a break and some enjoyable moments with family at a peaceful place. Did you ever think that the country you’re going to visit is safe? If its a kind of place where one can live peacefully? Do you know what are the top safest countries in the world? People feel scared and terrified with the thought of settling down to a strange country. There is a fear of insecurity. Hence, a lot of time is spent in searching about the facts and figures. Only few countries are left either its about security or peaceful life, below given list can help you make decisions perfectly.

Top Ten Safest Countries In The World

Here are The Top 10 countries that are considered as the safest places on earth. So let’s start the countdown.

#10 Canada


With a truly cosmopolitan culture of major towns and cities where more than two-third of the population resides, Canada is definitely one of the safest destinations to settle-down or travel. With the remarkable support by the government with flexible immigration policy, Canada boasts the amazingly multicultural society. According to statistics Canada is one of the top nations for human rights and tolerance.  Citizens can continue with their traditional beliefs and lifestyle. The crime rates are low, and the law and order are stringent. It captures the 10th place in the list of safest countries in the world.

#9 Singapore


Want to find a country where you don’t have the typical hustle and bustle of tourist attractions, yet a lot of adventure? Perhaps there is no other country than Singapore that fulfils the difficult criteria. The progressive country is a vibrant place with beautiful gardens and fun-filled local events. Since the rules are strict, people don’t dare to break the law. Incredible crime rates and social awareness make it 9th safest countries of the world!

#8 Sweden


If you think about a great respect to the human rights, then there are very few countries like Sweden. It is a peaceful and calm place with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. It is an incredible mix of pristine natural beauty and modern cities bustling with life.  In spite of being the fact that it is a big exporter of weapons, experts rate it the 8th safest country to visit/settle down. Because of high respect for individual rights and low levels of crime percentage, it is a country of choice for many tourists.

#7 New Zealand


Though you get an image of an outstandingly beautiful country when one talks about New Zealand, but it is not the only specialty. Because of the multicultural society and respect to the human values, New Zealand becomes the 7th safest country in the world.  Nature lovers praise it for the untouched beauty. However it brings highly modernized lifestyle and incredible progress because of political stability, and low conflicts.

#6 Switzerland


Do you think Switzerland produces only world-class watches and chocolates? No, there is something more. It has been recognized as the 6th safest country in the world due to good law and order. The metro cities like Geneva, Bern, and Zurich are the safest places to live. Enjoy high quality of life and incredible natural beauty by selecting it the next place to break.

#5 Austria


If you rate the countries based on the highest level of securities, then Austria appears in the top few. It is a land of music and culture that makes it a peaceful place. Snow-capped hills and lush green terrains bring a feast to the eyes. The country offers truly majestic historical places and a great respect for the past. Thousands of people visit every year to admire the spectacular sites. It is ranked as #5 in terms of safety.

#4 Finland


Finland grabs the fourth position because of great safety standards and high regards to democracy. Civil liberty is considered top most priority here, and human rights get utmost importance. It is an outstanding country with rich folklore and great tradition. The beautiful landscapes and eye-catching structures make this rich country a favorable place to settle down or spend vacation.

#3 Denmark

Denmark : Top Ten Safest Countries In The World

It is not only the homeland of gender equality and non-tolerance of violation of human rights. Due to these qualities Denmark is considered the number three safest country in the world. Though there has been a history of militant’s attacks in the past, but because of low crime rates it still grabs the third position in the list.

#2 Norway

Top Ten Safest Countries In The World : Norway

The second safest country in the world is Norway. It is a great nation with an excellent record of human respect and personal freedom. People love to settle down or visit this peaceful and spectacular country. Low crime rates make it an ideal place to live. With the neatly maintained towns and villages, and mesmerizing beauty of mountains and valleys, it is like paradise in the world.

#1 Iceland

Iceland : Safemost country in the world

And now it is the number one safest country in the world. Iceland, the land of snow peaks, hot springs, beautiful glaciers, and frosty mountains. People come here to admire the serenity and purity of nature. In spite of it, Iceland has been considered one of the top developed countries worldwide. With an unbelievable per capita income, it is the wealthiest place in the world. Come and settle down in Iceland and enjoy the calm and peaceful life. Social welfare system and government policies are ranked number one by the specialists.

Here I’m ending the list of safest countries in the world, Also see Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in the world.  Have a GREAT day my friends!


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