Top Ten Rock Bands In The World

How many of you do not get enraptured by the enticing effects of your favorite melodies. The mesmerizing effects of your favorite songs have always swept you off your feet. There are so many genres of music that have given people support in their stressful times and stay motivated. Among these genres Rock and roll is one that has given the public a new sense of lifestyle. The music had revolutionized when it came into existence for the first time. And it still is rocking the minds of the people with its electric tunes and awesome songs.

There have been so many popular rock bands that it is impossible to define which can be considered the best of all. Legends like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Guns and Roses and Nirvana are still popular among the music lovers and will always be impersonated in their minds. However, there have been new additions in this genre which have also given us spellbinding songs timely.

It is always better to check what the general public desire there top ten rock bands list to be like.  So let’s get familiar with the trending rock bands at present.

10. Alter Bridge:


This band formed in the year 2004 in Florida after the disbanding of the then popular band by the name Creed. The band contains 4 members, 3 of who are former Creed members. They have been highly known for their awesome melodies and deep and sexy vocal voices. No doubt, the band has shown its worth with the mind-blowing performance every now and then.

9. Rise Against:


Focusing on the genre of Punk Rock the Band formed in the year 1999 in Chicago, Illinois. Albeit, many members joined and left the band but they could not dismantle the spirit of their astounding songs.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers:

MTV Australia Video Music Awards 2007

Next that comes up in the top ten rock bands list is the RHCP. To know this band you will have to listen to their songs. Their melody focus is on psychedelic rock and also on the funky approach. Formed in the year 1983 in Chicago their band has since given numerous platinum songs till date.

7. Muse:


A highly popular rock band from Devon formed in 1994, Muse has all it takes to be an example of a perfect Rock band and surely deserve the top ten rock bands list. The band has since stuck together to perform innumerable concerts to entertain the audience with their alluring tracks.

 6. Foo Fighters:


Another Rock band established in the year 1994 after the tragic death of the Nirvana band member Kurt Cobain is Foo Fighters. The band was formed by the lead drummer, Dave Grohl of Nirvana and since then has been showing one after the other hit singles and albums. The band was found by Grohl after Nirvana got dismembered.

5. Green Day:


A band that has been loved by a majority of the crowd, Green Day formed in the year 1987 with the punk rock genre. This band is a multi Grammy award winner and has sold millions of copies since their arrival to the world of Rock. Their song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” has surely blown off the minds of many music lovers till date.

4. Three Days Grace:


Originally known as Groundswell, Three Days Grace was formed in Canada in the year 1992. The band regrouped in the year 1997 and has since been giving the people and fans beautiful songs to listen to. Their songs will surely make you love rock music.

3. Breaking Benjamin:


Top ten rock bands list cannot be complete without this awe-inspiring group. Though the band has been having some hassle lately, but their songs have always guided the people with strong messages. Each song in their albums will provide you with an innovation to live in this world.

2. Avenged Sevenfold:


Number two on the list has been taken by the California-based band group formed in the year 1999. Avenged Sevenfold also known by the name of A7X has shown the world what the modern rock music is all about. Their unique and diversified rock melodies with rip-roaring images on the album covers have interested many music lovers and has gradually led to a cult following. With more than 8 million copies sold worldwide, the band deserves a spot in the top ten rock bands charts.

1. Linkin Park:

Top Ten Rock Bands In The World : Linkin Park

Yes, you heard it correct. The band is considered the best band and deserves the top spot in the list of the top ten rock bands. To know what they are all about, try listening to any song in their album and you will know why this awesome group deserves the number one spot. With numerous awards and nominations won, LinkinPark has proven what a consistent band should be about. A unique combination of Rock and Hip Hop has made this band highly popular among millions of music lovers.

So, here I’m singing off, hope you enjoyed reading it and find this list interesting. Cheers! Have a good day.


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