Top Ten Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Get Top Ten Retirement Gift Ideas for Men:

The Retirement is a wonderful time. After this people are finally allowed to get a break from their work life. If anyone from your family or office is retiring, and you need to gift them something which they will remember for long time. A retirement gift have to be useful for him so that he could use them to relax in retired days. Here are some ideas and countdown of Top Ten retirement gift ideas for men.

Top Ten Retirement Gift Ideas for Men countdown:

10. Personalized Whiskey Tumblers

Whisky Tumblers

Most of the men usually love whiskey. If the retiring person loves whiskey, gift him pair of Whiskey Tumblers. But wait don’t gift them some aftermarket Whiskey tumblers!, instead personalize them with his name and line of sweet message so that he remembers you whenever he drinks whiskey.

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9. Work Mementos

Work Mementos

Work Mementos are good for any retiring person. You can include a collage of the time he spend on the workplace. along with that you can also include images of his achievement which he got in that workplace.

8. Travel voucher

Travel voucher gift

After retirement your male friend/family member would be having lots of free time. If he loves traveling the world, it’s a good idea to gift him a travel voucher. Try to buy travel voucher for 2 (For your friend and his spouse). You can include the travel voucher with a beautiful trolley bag.

7. Dinner Vouchers

Dinner Vouchers gift ideas

Dinner voucher is a good idea and worth of being in the list of Top Ten Retirement Gift Ideas for Men. You can give him (If he loves different food cuisines) for once, every week or for even once monthly for a whole year. Better to provide him dinner voucher for Top class restaurants of your locality covering wide range of cuisines.

6. Books

Gift ideas for men: Books

Books are the best friend of men ( for retired person it’s heaven if he loves reading). Gift them with a few classic novels as well as some recently trending novels. Along with that you can include magazine subscription at the subject of their interest. (If they love photography buy a photography magazine subscription for a year).

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5. Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

If your budget is a bit for, you can include two or more gifts of this list and include them in a gift basket. along with that you can include small toys, personalized paperweights, ash trays, a moment, some flowers, drinks and whatever you want. Wrap all the gifts in a beautiful basket.

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4. Flowers with Note

Flowers as well as Notes

Most cost effective but heart-touching way to gift your retiring friend is through Flowers with Note. Grab a bunch of flower of your choice (better if you know his favorite flower and color), Along with that include a Note and write down what those work days meant for you and how special he was. You can also write-down your most memorable moment.

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3. Gardening Tools Hamper

Gardening Hamper

If you have already spend some time on his garden, it’s always a good idea to gift him a Gardening Tools hamper containing gardening tools, books, some imported flower saplings and manuals.

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2. DVD Collection

DVD Collection

If he is a film fan of Hollywood, be sure to gift him a DVD collection hamper. Include some oldies as well as recent thrills. Include different genres. Include a note inside the DVD set box.

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1. Golf kits and club subscription

Top Ten retirement gift ideas for men- No.1:  Golf Kit

Now here comes the best Retirement gift idea for men. If your budget permits, Gift him a golf kit. Men usually love to play golf . If he didn’t ever played golf you can provide him membership in a golf club. I bet he will love this. Better if you join him in the same golf club. Along with that your gifted Golf kit will act as a moment and he will remember you for next 10 year.

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What do you think of our list of “Top Ten Retirement Gift Ideas for Men” Which one did you choose to gift to your retiring friend/member ? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. Thanks for this interesting article. I think there are two possibilities. Gifts where you know what the woman or men needs or food 🙂
    What i mean is, better to give some foodbasket than speculating that someone likes my gift idea. A foodbasket is always useful.

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