Top 10 Hollywood Actresses / celebs who performed nude in cinema

In this list you Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses who performed completely naked Onscreen(on one or multiple movies) . Sometimes Hollywood actresses perform completely naked due to the need of the scene and movie. Sometimes nude scenes of famous actor/actresses are specifically filmed for the promotion of the movie. You might have seen naked Kate Winslet in Titanic or Angelina Jolie nude in Taking Lives, but I bet till now you haven’t seen most of the brilliant and fantastic Nude Hollywood Actresses. See also: Top Hollywood actresses in 2014 & Sexiest Hollywood Actress.

To help you we have gathered Top Ten  actresses Nude Onscreen on entire Hollywood history. Here are the TOP 10 NUDE SCENES of various Hollywood actresses (including the movie name) in Cinema history. So enjoy the Top the Top ten Celebrity nude scenes.

NOTE: All the nudity has been censored/blurred in this article (Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses / celebs) to comply with Search engine guidelines, and to make this website open for all age groups. Readers discretion is advised.

 TOP 10 Nude Hollywood Actresses

10. Alyssa Milano Nude in  ‘Embrace Of The Vampire’

Alyssa Milano in ‘Embrace Of The Vampire

Alyssa Milano is no.10 in our list for her nude scene in 1995 film Embrace Of The Vampire.  Alyssa Milano appeared nude in this film when she was just 23 years old. In that scene, there is a licking and kissing involved. In that scene, multiple vampire girl and boys appeared naked without any clothes riding up for naked Alyssa Milano. This is a kind of weird scene so it holds No. 10 spot in our list.

9. Kelly Preston Nude in ‘Mischief’

Kelly Preston appeared nude in 1985 film Mischief. In this film, she acted completely naked showing a full front view of her boobs and vaginal hair. Kelly showcased her great tits and fully uncovered lower part! when she was just 23 years old. In Mischief, she acted as a teenage girl. Kelly Preston is the wife of controversial John Divola. This beautiful American Model & Actresses managed to get 9th place in our countdown because of her beautiful boobs and …

8. Halle Berry Nude in ‘Swordfish’

Halle Berry in ‘Swordfish’

Helle Berry, the academy award winner actress showcased her beautiful boobs in 2001 film Swordfish. In this 2001 action movie, Helle surprised her actor by putting down the book and revealing her boobs to the audience. Halle Berry charged extra $500,000 for this nude scene.For simplicity and effectiveness of this scene, Helle berry holds 8th place in our Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses countdown list. Mrs. Berry also holds the award of Most Beautiful Celebrity Smiles

7. Eva Green Nude in ‘Dreamers’

Eva Green in ‘Dreamers’

Eva Green got naked 10 times in the 2003 french film Dreamers. Among those, the best scene is when this Bond-Girl dressed as famous Venus de Milo statue. This gorgeous actress and bond girl holds the 7th spot in the countdown.

6. Anne Hathaway Nude in ‘Love And Other Drugs’

Anne Hathaway in ‘Love And Other Drugs’

Anne Hathaway appeared nude in 2010 film Love And Other Drugs, and for the above scene she managed to get a sweet spot at our Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses / celebs countdown. In this film, there are several boob shots which revealed inner beauty of this actress.

5. Angelina Jolie Nude in ‘Taking Lives’

Angelina Jolie in ‘Taking Lives’

In top 5 of Nude Hollywood Actresses countdown, things tend to get interesting as top class actresses start appearing here. At no. 5 is Angelina, the most poplar Hollywood actress. This academy award winner Angelina Jolie acted completely naked 8 times in her Hollywood career and they are as follows: Original Sin, Mojove Moon, Foxfire, Cyborg, Cyborg 2, Taking Lives, Pushing tin, and Gia. Among them, she is here for her showcase of boobs in Taking Lives (2004).

4. Denise Richards Nude in ‘Wild Things’

Denise Richards in ‘Wild Things’

Denise Richards, this American actress, and former fashion model is at the no.4 of our TOP 10 NUDE SCENES ever! countdown. Her booby performance in 1998 thriller film  Wild Things put her on the 4th spot. The scene involved 3 people (2 completely nude and one clothes). This classic sex/organism scene involves wine. Matt Dillon sucks the wine out of Denise Richards boobs which make this a classic scene.

3. Shannon Elizabeth Nude in ‘American Pie’

Shannon Elizabeth in ‘American Pie’

Now let’s move on to the 3rd nude scene of all time.Shannon Elizabeth in 1999 comedy film American Pie. In this scene, her friends watch Shannon Elizabeth via webcam. Simplicity of this scene put Shannon Elizabeth  to no. 3 spot.

2. Kate Winslet Nude in ‘Titanic’

Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’

Now let’s move on to no. 2 . This scene and actress won an academy award for this film. The Actress is Kate Winslet in Titanic(1997). The whole scene starts with Rose (Kate Winslet) asks Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) to paint her just wearing the blue diamond. In this scene, Kate shows her majestic English curves in a beautiful erotic scene. In this scene, Kate Winslet removes all her clothes just wearing an oversize blue diamond. Titanic is one of the most successful films (both in terms of Box office collection and 14 Academy awards). For the beauty of this scene, Kate Winslet manages to get into Top 2 of our Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses.

1. Phoebe Cates Nude in ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’

Phoebe Cates in ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’

Now it’s time for Our No. 1 Top Hollywood Actresses of all time.Phoebe Cates Nude in  1982 the film ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont.  High’. Phoebe Cates was just 19 years old while shooting this topless nude scene. This amazing slow motion Topless scene put Phoebe Cates in no. 1 of our Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses / celebs countdown. An amazing fact is that this film was released in the 80s (1982), and during that era nude scenes were not as usual as it is today. But Phoebe Cates showed her guts to act nude in ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

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I hope you enjoyed above countdown list of all time Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses. If you think any scene of your favorite movie/star deserve to be on this list, let us know in the comment section (with a detailed description of the scene such as film name, actress name etc).  Share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest with friends to appreciate and spread our efforts.

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