Top Ten Oddly Insured Body Parts

Celebrities live very different lives compared to rest of the world. Their entire livelihood depends on particular skill or body part and theoretically it only makes a good financial sense to insure it. However in some cases the measures have been hilariously prudent like insurance against loss of footballer’s legs or a singer’s vocal chords. However some time insuring a body part for a high amount makes it look like the body part has been appreciated at such a value. After all, you cannot insure something like car or necklace for more than what they actually worth.Here are the Top 10 Oddly Insured Body Parts.

Top 10 Oddly Insured Body Parts

10. Troy Polamalu’s Hair

Troy Polamalu's Hair
Troy Polamalu’s Hair

Troy Aumua Polamalu, the American football strong safety for Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL (National Football League), got his hair insured for $1 million. Now that’s a news. The shampoo company Procter & Gamble took out a $1 million insurance policy on Troy Polamalu’s Hair with the massive British reinsurer Lloyd’s of London. The hair care brand was found boasting that Polamalu’s legendary locks are so full and thick that end to end his hairs could span 100 football fields.

9. The Brazilian Playmate TV Star Suzana Alves’ Posterior

The Brazilian Playmate TV Star Suzana Alves' Posterior
The Brazilian Playmate TV Star Suzana Alves’ Posterior

Suzana Alves, the Brazilian TV star known for her role as playing whip-wielding sexpot once, signed to insure her moneymaker. The Playmate has insured her knees, ankles and derriere for a whooping amount of 4 million dollar. It was a part of the deal where in exchange she had to pose in billboard advertisements for the insurer. The deal sparked so many imitators that insuring the celebrity bottoms became so common that it once was commonly referred to as “bum bum policies” in Brazil.

8. Ben Turpin’s Cross-Eyes

Ben Turpin's Cross-Eyes
Ben Turpin’s Cross-Eyes

Normally people would spend a huge sum of money to get their eyes uncrossed, on contrary to this the silent-film comedian Ben Turpin, who’s “centripetal optics” served him well. Ben Turpin had always been up for making people laugh. He was the clown-star of many films like the Shriek of Araby. Ben Turpin was possibly the very first celebrity who got his body parts insured. The crossed eye of Ben Turpin was insured for $100,000. The money was supposed to be payable to the producer, Mack Sennett in case his eyes become normal.

7. All of David Beckham

All of David Beckham
All of David Beckham

Who will not know the famous David Beckham, the world’s most iconic soccer star, he once sought extra protection. Then $195 million deal for a personal insurance to cover his legs, feet and 10 toes. It was then considered to be the largest insurance policy in the sport history. This was probably given the fact that most of his income came from advertisement. The insurance also covered the event of disfigurement. Cristiano Ronaldo is seen following the Becks’ footsteps by taking a $144 million policy to cover his legs.

6. Dolly Parton’s Breasts

Dolly Parton's Breasts
Dolly Parton’s Breasts

No one can dispute the fact that part of the credit of Dolly’s popularity should go to her two assets. Especially because she had actually taken a pain to inform her fans that they are real. Though this does not mean in any way that we undermine the platinum-blond hair and twangy brogue and her music. However the kind of attention her breasts has got is worth mentioning. Her breasts were reported measuring 40DD and yet the bigger news is that they were insured for $6000,000, that’s $300,000 each.

5. Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds

Egon Ronay's Taste Buds
Egon Ronay’s Taste Buds

Noted food critic and restaurateur Egon Ronay who recently died was widely known for his sense of taste. This restaurateur from Hungary became a leading culinary voice in Britain. He published his first eponymous restaurant guide in the year 1957. He also authored a book called The Unforgettable Dishes of My Life. Egon Ronay insured his influential taste buds for around £250,000.

4. Merv Hughes’ Mustache

Merv Hughes' Mustache
Merv Hughes’ Mustache

The Australian cricketer Merv Hughes can easily be distinguished for his Mustache. This right-arm fast bowler’s bristly handlebar-style mo’ was insured for around $370,000 while he was member of the Australian national team. No doubt Merv Hughes was a fierce competitor on the field, but on the flip side he was legendary drinking talents and had some of the manliest facial hair of his time.

3. Jeff Beck’s Fingers

Jeff Beck's Fingers
Jeff Beck’s Fingers

Jeff Beck, known as the god of guitar, sliced off the tip of his left index finger while slicing his own carrots. Following few weeks he was in stitches and seven-week hiatus from playing music. He then realized his fingers are too important to be left uninsured. He got them insured for $1 million policy for each of his fingers.

2. Betty Grable’s Legs

Betty Grable's Legs
Betty Grable’s Legs

40 films of Betty Grable in total grossed over $100 million at the box office. She was one of the highest paid Hollywood celebrity between 1943 and 1951. Despite of her exquisite singing and mesmerizing dancing skills, she was much famous for her legs. The iconic pin-up of the starlet where she is seen in her white bathing suit gained extra ordinary popularity during World War II. It was reported then that she earned almost $300,000 a year, mostly because of her legs. She got her legs insured for $1 million.

1. Bruce Springsteen’s Voice

Bruce Springsteen's Voice
Bruce Springsteen’s Voice

At the top of the list of oddly insured body parts we have Bruce Springsteen from New Jersey who insured his voice for $6 million for in case if he ever lost or severely damages his voice. The rock star got his insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London. Bruce Springsteen is widely known for his hits like “Born to Run” or “Dancing in the Dark”.

Hope you get some great information from these list of Top Ten Oddly Insured Body Parts! Have a good day!


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