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Top Ten Motor-Vehicle Manufacturers in the world

Motor vehicle companies have forever been competing for the top mark and it would not be fair to speak that one organization is superior to the other, so they entire have produced unmatched technology driven motor vehicle. Yet, top ten motor-vehicle manufacturers in the world have continued to greatest each other in the resultant competition. You can check the list of top ten motor-vehicle manufacturers in the world here.

10. TATA, India

TATA, India

Tata motors officially known as TELCO is the multinational Indian company of automotive manufacturing that has its HQ in Mumbai. It acquired the possession of Daewoo, the South Korean truck manufacturer company in the 2004 and Jaguar Land Rover the British car maker in the year 2008.

9. Hyundai, South Korea


The Hyundai is the 5th biggest automaker company in the entire world. It is South Korean based company of automobile that has its HQ in Seoul,Korea. It was originated by Chung Ju-yung in the year 1967. It is the only two automotive brand names operated and owned by the Automotive Group of Hyundai Kia.

8. Nissan, Japan

Nissan, Japan

Nissan Motors is an international automaker of Japan. It initially produced automobiles under the name of Datsun. It was originated in the year 1933 and the Nissan name come into view during the period of 1930’s as the short form. It has its hq in, Japan.

7. Audi, Germany

Audi, Germany

Audi is an auto manufacturing company of Germany which was originated by August Horch in the year 1909. It has its hq in the Ingolstadt, and the name of company is based on the last name of the founder, August Horch.

6. Mercedes Benz, Germany

Mercedes Benz, Germany

Mercedes Benz is famous car producing company of Germany that was originated by Karl Benz in 1885. It has its hq in Stuttgart and produces expensive and luxurious cars in the entire world. The Mercedes-Benz is a piece of the “German Big 3″ comfort automakers, with BMW and Audi.

5. Honda, Japan

Honda, Japan

It was the 8th biggest automobile producer in the whole world at the back General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai Ford, Volkswagen Group, PSA and Nissan in the year 2011. It was the initial automobile company of Japan to make a luxury brand known as Acura in the 1986.

4. Ford, USA

Ford, USA

Ford has formed more than 5.532 million vehicles and at present employs approx 213,000 employees in few 90 plants as well as facilities in the entire world. It sells vehicles and automobiles under the brand ford and comfort cars under the brand Lincoln. It continues to make classic and outstanding models of the car made by the greatest engineers of auto of the whole world.

3. Toyota, Japan

Toyota, Japan

Toyota is 3rd biggest car company of the world and the 11th biggest company in the world by income, its income being about around ¥18.5 trillion.

2. General Motors, USA

General Motors, USA

It has formed the best lived nameplate of automobile that is still in the production in the entire world in the Chevrolet Suburban. General Motors is a very famous automobile company in the entire world.

1. Volkswagen, Germany

Volkswagen, Germany

Volkswagen is a very popular automobile company of Germany. The word ‘volk’ indicates ‘people’ in the Germany and the ‘Volkswagen’ indicates car of people in Germany.

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    which figures were used to produce this top 10?
    Production? If yes then Toyota is number 1.
    Also, this top 10 lacks consistency: GM is not a brand, it is a group. However, Audi is a brand, VW as well, they both belong to the VAG group…

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