Top Ten Most Useful Android Apps

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, Android leads the race in mobile operating systems mainly because of vast availability of Useful Android Apps. While the Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, and even the Blackberry all compete for their own slice of the market, Android devices are, by far, the most popular, mostly because of their largely open source design. Although every Android user is sure to have his/her personal collection of most useful android apps, ranging from games to utility tools for business, there are several most useful android apps that every smartphone or tablet user should keep on hand.

Top Ten Most Useful Android Apps

10. Brightest Flashlight

brightest flashlight

Brightest Flashlight is a rather simple Android application, but is extremely useful. This application turns the LED flash on your camera into an extremely bright flashlight. Unlike other Android flashlight applications, Brightest Flashlight strips out unnecessary features and provides one-tap access to instant brightness. The application is, however, somewhat glitchy and may unexpectedly freeze or turn itself off on occasion.

9. DropBox


DropBox is a file storage application that can synchronize your pictures and other files with your online account, your other mobile devices, and your computer. Files placed in DropBox can be accessed from any Internet-enabled device and the program can automatically upload your latest pictures when you connect to WiFi in order to minimize your mobile data usage.

8. SnapPea


SnapPea is an Android application that allows you to synchronize all of the files on your smartphone or tablet with your computer. This Android app lets you access the root files of your Android device, access pictures and other media files, and even allows you to send text messages directly from your computer. The best part is that SnapPea does not even need for your phone or tablet to be connected to your computer via USB as it can synchronize your devices together over your WiFi.

7. MailDroid


MailDroid is an email client for Android that allows you to combine multiple email accounts into one user interface for easy access. MailDroid works the same way that computer-based email clients work, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, but can be accessed on the go.

6. Navigation


Navigation is another pre-installed one of the most useful android apps that use Google Maps and your device’s GPS to show you exactly where you are in the world and give you turn-by-turn directions to wherever you want to go. Navigation is a very useful tool that every Android user should have and consists of text-based and audio-based directions. Navigation can even be used to find local stores, bars, theaters, and other establishments based on your current position simply by using keywords rather than actual business names.

5. Bump


Bump is one the most useful android apps that allow you to share documents, images, and other types of media with other Android users. Here you just need to bump your phones or tablets together. Bump is a great app for sharing digital business cards or contact information and can even be combined with PayPal and other payment processing platforms to share money.

4. Seesmic


Seesmic is an Android app that allows you to combine all of your social networks into one account for easy access. Seesmic allows you to integrate your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other accounts into one user interface that can show feeds from each account at once and even allows you to post status updates to all of your accounts simultaneously.

3. EverNote


EverNote is a note-taking app for Android and a variety of other mobile operating systems that will allow you to record notes in the form of text, audio, and even video. Notes are automatically synchronized with your online account so they can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any Internet-enabled device and they can even be shared with other users via email or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Skype


Skype is cross-platform instant messenger that works on virtually all smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system. Skype consists of text-based instant messages, but also allows users to place audio and video calls directly from their Android device to other Android users as well as computer-based users. For a fee, Skype even allows you to have your own Skype phone number that can be used to make and receive calls to and from landline phones.

1. Google Drive

Top Ten Most Useful Android Apps : Google Drive

Google Drive, is considered as one of the most useful android apps. As Android is a Google product and a Google account is required to activate the device, every Android user should take advantage of the Google Drive application that is pre-installed on every Android device. Google Drive allows users to store and synchronize files with their online account and access a wide variety of office management tools, such as the ability to create documents and edit images on the go.

So this was all about most useful android apps that can help you to do your regular activities quite nicely and within no time. Do leave your feedback below, thanks and have a good day!


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