Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014

When it comes to Film & Entertainment Hollywood dominates the world, and everyone want’s to know the Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014 as they care about their favorite Actor/Actress. We know it’s very hard to do that, but we have bitten the bullet to create Top 10 list of Most popular Hollywood actors. You may be also interested in Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors of all time and  Top Ten Sexiest Hollywood actress

There are hundreds of notable actors work in Hollywood in TV and cinema industry. Among we have grabbed the most popular Hollywood actors and shown them as a countdown list as following:

Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014

First of all: while preparing this Top Ten Hollywood Actors list, we have taken these factors on account  popularity, past film success, look, impact on public life, their image in press and their career graph. We have tried our best to make our list error free. Also please do not mind if your favorite Hollywood Actor didn’t make in this list. Let’s start the countdown of Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014

10. Will Smith

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014- Will Smith

Will Smith, also known as Willard Carroll “Will” Smith, Jr is a seasoned Hollywood actor, singer (Rap), producer born in Pennsylvania, USA. Whenever the name Will Smith is taken  comes in mind, we start thinking of MIB (Men in Black). He is one of the most successful African-American Actor. and he is the only African-American to get into our Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014 list. He acted on several blockbuster films. His records consist of Continuous 10 films earning 150 million or more. In the year 2005 he made another word record by attending 3 premieres in a day. He received Oscar nominations (Best actor category) for his acting in The Pursuit of Happiness and Ali.

9. Tom Hanks

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014- Tom Hanks

Thomas Jeffrey “Tom” Hanks is an established American producer, director and actor. Born in 9th July, 1956 made to No. 9 of our Top Ten Hollywood actors list due to his popularity and classic cinema’s where he acted on. He has been so successful that until 2013 his films made over $8.5 billion worldwide as box office collection. Some of his films with notable contribution are  The Vinci Code, You’ve Got Mail, The Green Mile, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Angels and Demons, Sleepless in Seattle and many more. He blew everyone’s mind with his act in Forrest Gump  and Philadelphia. he is the second actor to win two consecutive Academy awards.

8. Bradley Cooper

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014- Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper was born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA. This 38 year US actor started his career with TV series Jack & Bobby. Later on he appeared on several movies in supporting roles. But from 2009 everything started changing for him. Acting in The Hangover series provided him the name and fame he desired. Later on in 2013 acting on Silver Linings Playbook put him to the doorstep of Academy award with a nomination. In the year 2011 Bradley Cooper was awarded by “Sexiest Man Alive”.  Some of his other remarkable Hollywood films are The Hangover Part II, Limitless etc.

7. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV mostly known as Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962. This 51 year American Actor, producer mostly knows as his muscularity and look. Tom Cruise was nominated 3 times for Academy awards and won three Golden Globe awards which proves his acting capability. He is popular throughout the world for his secret agent role in Mission Impossible (Whole series) and Ethan Hunt. This dashing actor holds 7th position in our Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014 countdown.

6. Jude Law

Jude Law

This English Film producer, Actor and director was born on 1972 in London, England. He started his Hollywood career in 1987 with National Music Theatre. His performance in the film Cold Mountain and The Talented Mr. Ripley kept him to the doors of Academy awards (only nomination). Along with Academy, he also got several nomination for Golden globe. He played the role of James Watson in the film Sherlock Holmes and  Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

5. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson : The twilight vampire boy. Started his career with the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where he played the role of Cedric Diggory. After that he choose modeling as his career. But he became famous as Vampire boy in the film series “Twilight”. His work on Twilight brought him Time magazines TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in The World as well as Forbes magazines Top 100 celebrities list. After the end of Twilight series in 2012,  Robert Pattinson now started working in other films.

4. Matt Damon

 Matt Damon- Most popular hollywood actor

Matt Damon has multitasking capability of Acting, screenwriting, producing and philanthropy. His Hollywood success started with the film Good Will Hunting for which he won Academy award, Golden globe award and many more. This single film brought him to the world of fame. After that he started exploring his capabilities through different films. At the year 2008 he become quiet successful, and was in the list of Top 40 Top paid Actors. Along with film & entertainment work, he is actively involved in several international charitable work.

3. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt: 3rd most popular Hollywood actor

Brad Pitt, Just name is enough, he has a large number of fan-following for his hot look, acting and girlfriend.Brad has received 4 nominations for Academy awards and 5 for golden globe award. Along with that he was nominated and won hundreds of other awards. Brad acted in several blockbuster films. Brad gained global recognition for his enigmatic acting skill in Interview with the Vampire, 12 Monkeys, Babel, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie, who hold 1st in our “Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2014” list. This couple is world’s most anticipated couple, and thy together also involved in several social works in US and other countries.

2. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp-2nd most popular Hollywood actor

Johnny Depp, Actor, Producer, & musician is the 2nd most popular Hollywood actor in the year 2014. This US Hollywood star was born on 1963, and started gaining popularity from early days. In 1980’s Johnny became tell idol for in popular TV series 21Jump street. Along with Acting Johnny Depp also directed 8 films. He received 2 Golden Globe  Best Actor awards and. Johnny Depp became famous for out-of-the-ordinary roles in films such as Ed Wood, Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean  etc.

His most successful film series is “Pirates of the Caribbean” where he played the role of a pirate “Captain Jack Sparrow”. Pirates of the Caribbean film series earned $ 3,727 million US dollars. He also holds the People magazine’s “Sexiest man Alive” award for two times. Due to this tremendous success and popularity he used to charge extensively high, and for around 8 years he was the highest paid Hollywood actor with $75 million.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio: The most Popular Hollywood Actor

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio ( popularly as Leonardo DiCaprio) actor & producer born in LA, California on 1974. This 39 year gorgeous American is the most popular Hollywood actor. His portfolio, golden globe & Academy nomination, Success of films and his behaviors made him the no. 1 in our Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014 list. He was nominated 3 times in Academy award in best actor category and 8 times in Golden globe award. first got noticed by the world. Furthermore, Leonardo has been nominated in other awards in the United States and in the UK such as the Satellite Awards, British Academy of Film etc.

Now a day the name “Leonardo DiCaprio” is praised throughout the world for his extensive acting skills in films like Inception, Shutter island, catch me if you can, Blood diamond, Gangs of New York, and The great Gatsby.

Some thoughts on our Top Ten Hollywood Actors 2014 list

We are human, and cannot be completely error free. Also different person will prepare Top Hollywood actor’s list differently. hence you may see some differences while comparing with other Top Ten Lists.  And please do not mind if you favorite actor didn’t made in our list this time (As we know how much you love your favorite Hollywood actor), may be he will make in other Top Ten Entertainment lists so go through them.

And Last but not the lease let us know where your favorite Hollywood actor stands in our list of Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2014.

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  1. I am a Big Fan of Johnny Depp. Also Brad Pitt is Cool too. Leonardo DiCaprio is continuously giving critical hits since last 15 years.

  2. It’s easy to see why most of those actors are on the list. I agree with more than half but I’m confused why Robert Pattison is on the list. If it wasn’t for Twilight I think he’d be relatively unknown. According to IMDB he’s only got 3 movies in the making for this year and didn’t do any in 2013. I can think of many others that could have taken his spot on the list.

  3. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is really good at what he is doing he has bine in many movies like titanic and many more I LOVE what he is doing and I love him!

  4. In my Opinion :
    1- Tom Cruise.
    2- Johnny Depp.
    3- Brad Pitt.
    4- Tom Hanks.
    5- Will Smith.
    6- Leonardo DiCaprio.
    7- Matt Damon.
    8- Bradley Cooper.
    9- Jude Law.
    10- Robert Pattison.

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