Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries In The World

Let’s admit it we all cherish a dream destination in our hearts. Sometimes obviously while other times quite vaguely, every human being on earth visualizes him or herself amidst the most sensational surroundings out there – rightly to say “to spend some time in paradise”! Gladly enough, this lovely planet called earth is abundant with such places of magnificence and they are accessible too, even if they sound distantly located.

Most Beautiful Countries In The World

And there are many factors which make us perceive a specific country or place as a favorite. A country dear to our heart is not just because it has many beautiful rivers, breathtaking mountains or landscapes; rather it is also because of that place’s history, culture, cuisines, entertain options and of course, the very human aspect. From all these perspectives, this article which voyages you through the most beautiful countries in the world is worth a read.

10. The United States of America (USA)

United States of America (USA)
United States of America (USA)

While on one hand, a large part of the world’s populace will not agree to it, there are millions of others who cannot stop to count on the US amongst the most beautiful countries in the world. Right from climatic variations to the botanical treasure and from an unbelievable variety of animal beings to places of scenic significance, you got a lot to expect when in the US. Destinations you must primarily visit involve the Grand Canyon, the Miami Beach, Alaska frozen lakes and much more that promise you extraordinaire all the through the US geography!

9. Italy


Italy, the country embracing some renowned cities like Venice, Vatican City and Rome, without a doubt, stands to be a preferential destination for travelers. In addition to the natural prosperity it is bestowed with, the nation has a special identity in terms of spirituality. Also, some of the best wardrobe trends are born in Milan – the internationally acclaimed fashion capital.

8. Australia


All of us know how Australia is the most talked about destination for tourists, and looked at amongst beautiful countries in the world. Coasts, grasslands, lakes, deserts, foods – all make it the ‘perfect package’ for globetrotters to be here at least once every few years. If Sydney makes a promising spot for its seashores, you cannot think of anything else than Melbourne to shop at or to roam around for sight seeing. Be here anytime and Australia, with all its inherent enthusiasm, is there to welcome you!

7. India


Besides the heavenly and the most picturesque destinations like Kashmir, Goa, Hyderabad, Simla countless other excuses can be given for visiting India. India must include in the list of most beautiful countries in the world due to its natural diversity and rich culture. Large geography of this religiously affluent country always makes you witness fluctuating climates, which is always a thing to amaze at. However, there is something extremely magical about this land, the people, the multifariousness of castes and languages, and the food delicacies. To feel the ‘desi bond’ that keeps people connected across the nation, you must spend some time here!

6. China


The historically relished cultures and art forms may vitally attract you towards China, but there is a lot here from a tourist’s viewpoint too. One reason to be among beautiful countries in the world is the country’s capital Beijing already acclaimed for its natural richness. However, there certainly are cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Peaking which are just too astounding for traditional inheritance and shopping areas. Without even mentioning about the Chinese dishes, you already know how fondly you will look for when in China!

5. Brazil


Those passionate Brazilian footballers might have long impressed you in the world titles, but there is a lot more to indicate as Brazil’s uniqueness, howsoever large the directory of exceptionally beautiful countries in the world. What can be usually termed as common in most of the country may not be too obvious here; at least not when you are at Rio de Janeiro – the fascinating city. So much it is to talk about Sao Polo, the notable geography of Southern Hemisphere.

4. France


The tally of noted and beautiful places in the world remains incomplete it doesn’t incorporate France. Franco. Every international traveler today dreams of taking up a walking or cycling holiday in France. This is not only because of the country’s green opulence but also for specially maintained routes for this purpose. Fashion hub Paris does not need a special recognition but the place is equally memorable for it mouth watering cuisines.

3. South Africa

South Africa
South Africa

One destination that dominates all others for its dense forests, sky scrapping mountain ranges and oceans is South Africa. In South Africa, you will not run out of options for sightseeing. You can also spend time amid some truly breathtaking surroundings or on a safari.

2. Switzerland


The name says it all, and you don’t need to know the Swiss. Gorgeous climate, matchless landscapes, and the very distinct snow-capped mountains are an obvious identity of Switzerland. Switzerland has verdant gardens with fruit overloaded trees. Visit Switzerland and you’ll fell no less joy than visiting most beautiful countries in the world.

1. Scotland

Most Beautiful Countries In The World : Scotland

Nowhere on earth could you witness such a perfect blend of arresting scenarios, natural plush, dinning & wining quality, heart-warming people and of course, safety. And beyond this, it is the history and heritage that are additional feathers in its cap. Any given day, you feel like a dream to have come true whenever you are in Scotland!


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  1. Scotland is the best? You must be kidding! Freezing temperature even in summer and no sunshine. Dodgy drunk nights of Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s nature is beautiful yes but it has been much exaggerated as it is not comparable to Canada, Brazil or even Italy. Can you find the gorgeous mountains of Switzerland or marvellous architecture of Italy and Greece. Yes it is a glorious country and nation but not even the most beautiful country in Europe

    1. of course Scotland is the most beautiful overall!
      But no one is asking you to agree however,
      and yes it is certainly way more beautiful than old England too.
      sorry lol

      1. also although I think Swizterland is almost as beautiful (and Norway) both are abit too sterile for my liking but again personal opinion
        Brazil is a tropical country and enormous so can’t really be compared although i have been four times and found it to be beautiful in some measure & in some places but its not the main reason for visiting at all.


    1. NOPE, like i said before, the only countries that qualify are china, america, india, as these countries contain the largest variety of environments, now let me answer your question, indonesia doesnt have snow capped mountain, or vast canyons, or long roads, or rolling hills or green plains for miles and miles, oh and punishment for apostacy is death, so its a NO NO for living their

  3. are you kidding me! SCOTLAND? ok wait let me explain, these small european countries are beautiful, but are not diverse, are not varied and are not vaste, compared to their asian or north american counter parts, the most beautiful countries (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) would be China, America, India, Russia, Canada, i am doubtful about russia and canada as they are not diverse, but china, america and india are definitely are the top three in any order since they are the most varied countries on earth

  4. Actually, France , New Zealand and Italy are all extremely varied.
    For example in Italy we have the Alps (which is pretty much everything that Switzerland has), some of the most beautiful lakes in the world (Lake Como anyone?), the highest peak in Europe as well as beaches that will remind you of Greece. We even have a desert in Italy. We are just more known for our ancient culture, but we actually have a lot to offer naturally speaking. And remember that France also has some territories in the Caraibbeans…

    1. Mr Devraj, i don’t know what to say you. there are lots of foreigners supporting that India should be in top 5 or top 3 most beautiful destination and being a Indian you are protesting it. don’t be a national shame.

      If you don’t know the real beauty of India then check out, beauty of Kashmir, mountains of massorie and manali, waterfalls of himachals and gardens of Darjeeling… and many more…… there are lot of thing to see….
      and of course lake of Chilika..

    2. “India has two million gods, and worships them all. In religion all other countries are paupers; India is the only millionaire.” – Mark Twain (American author)

      If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India” -Max Mueller, German scholar

      India has deep history and ancient civilization.

      We should not look at the crowded cities rather go to the real country wealth and unique charm

      I have settled in US for two decades (have vacationed in Europe, Aus-NZ) and now crave to explore the land of divine power for all may vacations

  5. 1 Scotland are you having a laugh…i’m romanian and i’ve been to Italy many times and you can literally find everything in that country…yet again i see the last comment of Naim saying that Spain is more beatiful than Italy…i’m speechless.

    1. Spain is NOT more beautiful than italy but it deserves to be in the top 10. While i consider that beauty is in the eye of the beholder if we consider some irrefutable facts it should definitely be on the list. Those facts would be that is the country with more world heritage sites (44) just after Italy and China. Another one would be that is the third country in the world with more visitors after France and USA. It also perfectly combines the cultural tourism with leisure tourism since it has some of the best beaches in the world, not in vain Spain top the list of countries with more blue flag beaches. And if you want mountains you have mountains too as Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland. And not to mention the food …

  6. Well…I can’t imagine countries like Scotland being more beautiful than our Canada…or how about New Zealand?

    1. The thing with Canada is it is nothing special . It has your standard alpine mountains that are found all over the world . It has huge areas of flat boring landscapes . Indeed your neighbour the USA is a lot more beautiful than Canada . So yes Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world .

  7. All the listed countries are beautiful but i don’t feel they deserve to be in the top ten. There are many other countries that are more beautiful like New Zealand, Canada, Nepal etc. Nepal is unique because it is a small country of only about 150,000 square km but is very diverse geographically and culturally. It is the only country to have altitude of less than 100 metres to highest altitude of 8848 metres (Mt. Everest). It comprises of all plains, hills, valleys and high mountains. It has 8 of the World’s top ten highest mountains. There are about 50 different cultures or more and more than 100 different languages are spoken countrywide. They also have hundreds of different types of flora and fauna. Now that is what natural beauty is.

  8. I’m Scottish, I don’t particularly like reading the comments staying that it doesn’t belong on the list, particularly by people who have obviously only seen pictures. But really, there is no “most beautiful country”, each country has beauty in its own way, let’s not try to rank best and worst and get all nationalistic about something so pointless.

  9. There is no place like the Greek islands which combine natural beauty with architecture through the ages. At almost all top destinations lists include for example island Santorini…

  10. I am a little bit confused: I’ve Always considered Scotland as a part of England so I guess England should be on the top of this list…
    Anyway: the variety of landascapes, culture and even food that Italy offers makes it far more beautiful than Spain. It’s the Country with the highest UNESCO sites and the people is charming as nowhere else!!!
    By the way: I am happily living in Italy but I am not italian…

  11. Why Nothing INDONESIA…??? If You Visit Indonesia You Can’t Unforget it. If You Not trust me, search in google.

  12. Norway should definitely be on the the list! (Well… I’m a Norwegian, but I think most people who have visited the remote mountain areas in Norway agree with me.) New Zealand and Indonesia should also be there.

    I can’t understand why Scotland is on the list…

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