Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors famous all over world

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors countdown list:

We get a chance to live in a different world and in a different age altogether. Thanks to the Film Industry and the actors, who by portraying different roles and characters take us on a ride to a new world through their films? Don’t you feel that hadn’t been their exceptional acting, it would have never been like this. Let’s take a look at Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors who’ve mesmerized us with their acting skills.

10. Robert Pattinson:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors-Robert Pattinson

Twilight Series has given us a star like Robert Pattinson. Young girls have been raving him and he surely have the good looks. Though he has a long way to go but his start has given a sign of what he is capable of and he will only improve as an actor in times to come.

9. Tom Cruise:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors- Tom Cruise

This list would be incomplete if we don’t include this good-looking actor here. This actor has been entertaining us for past many years with his great acting.

8. Dustin Hoffman:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors- Dustin Hoffman

It takes one film to establish one as a great actor. Same goes for him. It is an actor like him who can get completely engrossed in a film and what you get is a performer like him. Who can forget “The Graduate”?

7. Will Smith:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors- Will Smith

Will Smith is an incredible actor. His acting is awesome. Action, Comedy, he is best in everything that he does. He is a legend and has made a mark for himself in this industry.

6. Robert De Niro:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors- Robert De Niro

He stands sixth on this list. He is definitely one of the greatest actors of all time. His versatility is shown by the fact that he is not only an actor but also a Director & a Producer. Even at this age he can manage to look exceptionally good.

5. Jack Nicholson:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors- Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is another actor who has the ability to pull of any kind of character with ease. He is brilliant as an actor. He does realistic acting and has good looks too. Who would believe that he is 40 plus. He is one of the finest actors that Hollywood has.

4. Al Pacino:

Top Ten Greatest Hollywood Actors-Al Pacino

Now who do you think can play a role of a gangster & detectives like he does. It takes a lot of conviction to portray a character with perfection. He is one actor who creates magic on-screen.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio:

Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo might have not had the best start but he has surely emerged as a great actor. He is famous among the girls and why not, his good looks and charm is to be blamed for that. He delivered his some of the best performances in Titanic, The Aviator, Romeo & Juliet, and Inception and so on.

2. Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp

Being handsome and looking like a model (who mostly doesn’t have any expressions) is one thing and being an exceptional actor is another. However this man manages to be the combination of both good looks and a great actor. His talent seems timeless and his acting is effortless.

1. Tom Hanks:

Tom Hanks

In this list he tops the charts for being an extremely talented actor. His versatility in acting goes UN noticeable. He tried everything from Comedy to Drama, Romance to Action; he’s been able to impress his audiences in all of these genres. He is a living legend who deserves the top position.

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