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Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World

Modern fighter jets in the world play an important role in the battlefield. Since World War 2 when the P51 Mustang was introduced, the United States has put a strong emphasis on air dominance. If you have control in the air, then you have control on the ground. The best fighter jets in the world are built using state of the art and cutting edge technology in addition to having equally trained pilots. The United States Air force practice the most, more than any other country because they have financial resources to fuel up those jets and get pilots practicing mid-air combats. Japanese and Western European pilots also undergo extensive training. Russian pilots are among the best in the world, but financial resources restrict them from training as much. The Chinese offer extra training to their most elite pilots, such as those who fly their advanced jets the J-10.

Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World

For this reason, many factors are used to determine the top fighter jets in the world. Let’s bite the bullet and start the countdown of Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World.

10. F-18 (USA)

F-18 (USA)
F-18 (USA)

The F-18 Super Hornet designed and manufactured by the US has the following features:

  • Max speed: 1,190 mph or 1,900km/hr at an altitude of 40,000 ft or 12,190 m
  • It has a range of 1,275 nmi or 2,346 km without refueling
  • Has a ferry range of 2,070 mi or 3,330 km
  • Has a combat radius of 449 mi or 722 km in interdiction missions
  • Service ceiling is 50,000+ft or 15,000+m
  • Thrust is 0.93
  • Wing loading is 453kg/m2

9. J-10 (China)

J-10 (China)
J-10 (China)

The J-10 from China makes part of the leading fighter jets in the world. It has the following features:

  • Max speed of Mach 1.2 at sea level and Mach 1.9 cruising at altitude
  • Combat radius of 2,540km or 1,370nmi on high-low-high missions  and 1,310km or 710nmi on low-low-low missions (these figures include 4,000lb or 1,814kg of two missiles and bomb load)
  • Max range: 3,400km or 2,113mi without refueling
  • Wing loading is 335 kg/m2
  • Service ceiling is 18,000m or 59,055ft

8. Rafale (France)

Rafale (France)
Rafale (France)

The French Rafale comes in at 8 with the following features:

  • Max speed: Mach 2 or 1,290 knots are high altitude and 750 knots or 1,390km/hr at low altitude.
  • Combat radius is 1,852+km or 1,000+nmi during penetration missions
  • It has a range of 3,700km or 2,000nmi
  • Service ceiling is  16,800m or 55,000ft
  • Wing loading is 326kg/m2
  • Thrust is 1.13

7. F-16 E (USA)

F-16 E (USA)
F-16 E (USA)

The F-16 comes in at 7 with the following specifications:

  • Max speed at low altitude is Mach 1.2 or 1,470km/hr and at high altitude is Mach 2+ or 2,414km/hr
  • Combat radius: 550km or 295nm on a high-low-high mission and 450kg bomb load
  • Service ceiling: 18,000+m or 60,000+ft
  • Ferry range: 4,220km or 2,280nm
  • Rate of climb: 254m/s
  • Thrust: 1.095
  • Wing loading: 430kg/m2

6. Mig 35 (Russia)

Mig 35 (Russia)
Mig 35 (Russia)

In at 6 among the best fighter jets in the world is the Russian made Mig-35.

  • Max speed at altitude: Mach 2.25 or 2,400km/hr
  • Range: 1,240mi or 2,000km
  • Service ceiling: 57,400ft or 17,500m
  • Ferry range: 1,930mi or 3,100km carrying 3 fuel tanks
  • Rate of climb: 65,000ft/min or 330m/s
  • Thrust is 1.03

5. Su 27 (Russia)

Su 27 (Russia)
Su 27 (Russia)

Another Soviet product at 5, the Su-27 has the following features:

  • Max speed at altitude: Mach 2.35 or 2,500km/hr
  • Range at altitude: 3,530km; at sea level 1,340km
  • Rate of climb: 64,000ft/min or 300m/s
  • Service ceiling: 62,523ft or 18,500m
  • Wing loading is 371kg/m2
  • Thrust: 1.09

4. F-15 Eagle (USA)

F-15 Eagle (USA)
F-15 Eagle (USA)

The F-15 fighter jet boasts the following features:

  • Max speed: Mach 2.5+ or 2,660+km/hr at high altitude and Mach 1.2 or 1,450 at low altitude
  • Ferry range: 5,550km with an additional three fuel tanks to the conformal tanks.
  • Combat radius: 1,967km for interdiction operations
  • Service ceiling: 20,000m or 65,000ft
  • Wing loading: 358kg/m2
  • Rate of climb: 254m/s
  • Thrust:1.30

3. Su 35 (Russia)

Su 35 (Russia)
Su 35 (Russia)

At third place is the Russian-made Su-35 with the following specifications:

  • Max speed at altitude: 2,410km/h or Mach 2.25
  • Ferry range: 2,430nmi or 4,500km
  • Range is 3,600km or 1,580km at low altitude
  • Service ceiling: 59,100ft or 18,000m
  • Wing loading: 84.9lb/ft2
  • Rate of climb: 55,100ft/min
    • Thrust: 1.14

2. Euro-fighter Typhoon (Germany, UK, Italy and Spain)

Euro-fighter Typhoon (Germany, UK, Italy and Spain)
Euro-fighter Typhoon (Germany, UK, Italy and Spain)

The list would not have been complete without the Europeans in the skies. The Euro-fighter at second among the best fighter jets in the world has the following features:

  • Max speed: Mach 2+ or 2,495km/hr at altitude; Mach 1.2 or 1,470km/hr at low altitude; Mach 1.1 at supercruise
  • Combat radius:
    • Low-low-low ground attack: 601km
    • High-low-high ground attack: 1,389km
  • Range is 2,900km
  • Ferry range: 2,300mi or 3,790km
  • Rate of climb: 62,000ft/min or 315m/s
  • Service ceiling: 65,000ft or 19,810m
  • Wing loading is 63lb/ft2 or 307kg/m2

1. F-22 Raptor (US)

Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World : F-22 Raptor (US)
F-22 Raptor (US)

Top of the range fighter jets in the world to lead the pack is the F-22 Raptor. This ultimate state of the art weapon was designed and manufactured for the US Air Force. It bears the following features:

  • Max speed: Mach 2.25 or 2,410km/hr at altitude; Mach 1.82 or 1,963km/hr at supercruise
  • Combat radius: 759km or 410nmi
  • Service ceiling: 19,812m or 65,000ft
  • Ferry range: 3,219km or 1,738nmi
  • Wing loading: 375kg/m2
  • Thrust: 1.08
    • 1.26 with 50% fuel and loaded weight

I just loved when I was writing this list of fighter jets, I hope you will feel exciting also after having such information. If you enjoyed reading this list of Top Ten Fighter Jets in the World, please share this with your friends and family members via Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.


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  1. I am at a loss to figure out how the SU-35 is ranked higher than the F-15 when the F-15 is superior in most performance parameters. What am I missing? Also the Su-35 is primarily a strike aircraft which means a direct comparison to the F-15E Strike Eagle would have been more appropriate.

  2. its disgusting how you people keep pushing this failed f-22,the russian t-50 can out-gunned,out-fly,out-maneuver your garbage,the F-22 pilots
    are said to experience hypoxia-like
    symptoms in flight (the
    grounding came several
    months after an Alaska-
    based F-22 crashed in
    November 2010 when its
    pilot lost situational
    awareness while trying to
    activate his plane’s
    emergency oxygen system,in fact this machine is a failed technology,I suggest this plane should only appear on the most expensive list,what do you guys think?

    1. It was still a new plane in 2010. It takes time to work out the bugs in Fighter jets bro. The F-22 is by far the best of the rest. The U.S will out spend any country in the world to make sure it does too.

    2. The oxygen problem was permanently fixed in 2013. The reason this jet is number one, is that it will put a missile up you a$$ before you even know its there. Stealth works. Deal with it.

  3. Yeah, where is the T-50? It’s actually pretty good, definitly better than the Rafael.
    And the F-22 is the best fighter in the world right now. Let’s not go into the T-50 problems. A straight fight between an F-22 and a T-50 right now, the F-22 wins every time.

  4. You can’t look at the printed figures when comparing the SU-35 and F-15. It has been proven in war games to be a far more capable aircraft than the F-15. The F-22 is such an overrated aircraft. It may possess all the technology in the world but in a dogfight the SU-47 would be too much for it to handle. Throughout history the world has managed to put out better aircraft than the U.S.

    1. You forgot several valid points Bowtie, conveniently. Dogfighting will be rare event in future conflicts, BVR sensors and weapons allows stealth fighters to decimate the enemy before the enemy can respond. The US has the edge, but if they do meet, the US planes have great crews, tactics and infrastructure and we have the bills to prove it. China has no infrastructure, just paper tigers and Russia has serious morale, quality and financial issues.

    2. “the world” as you put it has had technological superiority part of the time, such as when the Brits survived the Battle of Britain with their revolutionary fighter design. Similarly, the Japanese zero had capabilities far beyond US planes at the beginning of the war in the Pacific, but by the end of the war, the US had the most advanced fighters and the most deadly and destructive bombers that could be deployed in great numbers. The German jet fighter, although in some respects the most advanced fighter produced then, saw minimal deployment by the end of the war. I think this pattern has occurred on several occasions

  5. sukhoi-30 MKI is the best plane.i It has also defeated f-22 raptors several time training exercise between US and INDIA .Therefore su-30 MKI should be given No-1 postion

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