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Top Ten Differences between iPad2 and the iPad Air

Whenever there is a new launch of iPad or iPhone, apple makes sure to keep its lowest model of the last generation a discounted prices for more users to buy it. But this time something else has happened. But with the launch of iPad Air, most of the Apple users have been thinking whether to buy iPad 2 or iPad Air. Here you can clearly demarcates the Top Ten Differences between iPad2 and the iPad Air. Top Ten Differences between iPad2 and the iPad Air are clearly mentioned here.

10.Camera Resolution:

Camera Resolution

When you consider iPAd Air, the camera has a better resolution compared to the iPad 2. The files are bigger, so the storage needs to be appropriate. So in this case, you will always choose for iPad 2 as the storage space is more and expandable. The storage memory makes it a popular choice among the Apple buyers.

9. Design and build:

Design and build

The iPad Air has the similar looks as the iPad minis. The design is also almost similar compared to iPad mini. The aesthetic part is more modern than the older iPad 2. iPad Air weights just 478 gms unlike iPad 2 which is 613 gms. This makes it lighter and smaller- thus thinner bezel. Now most of the devices can work better with Lightning port of iPad Air.

8. Performance:


iPad Air uses A7 chip which improves the performance. It shares the same chip used in iPhone 5. So it will be certainly a brainstorming performer. So all the latest apps and 3D games will run in no time with the iPad Air compared to iPad 2.

7. Graphics:


iPad 2 uses an A5 processor which is slower by 4x times compared to iPad Air. When it comes to graphics this performs 8x times lower. So all the latest apps and games will not that well on iPad 2 compared to iPad Air.

6. Screen:


iPad air has a retina display screen. But it’s not different from the one sued in iPad 3 or 4. The screen of iPad has a resolution of 1024×768 which is not proffered by most of the people these days.

5: Videos and Photos:

Videos and Photos

When clicking a photo or recording a video is considered, there is no match between the iPad Air and iPad 2.The front camera is of lower quality. The processor used in iPad Air is excellent which takes closer, sharper and high definitions photos and videos. There is a greater stability in face detection and video stabilisation.

4. Software:


the iOS 7 used in iPad Air makes it more popular., to get the similar operating system, you have wait till Christmas to find the same features in iPad 2. The web pages, apps will take very less seconds to loads and register.

3. No Siri or Airdrop:

No Siri or Airdrop

There are no Siri and AirDrop apps which makes a gloomy device.

2. Battery life:

Battery life

iPad Air has a better battery life as claimed by Apple. But Bluetooth, 4G will reduce the battery life to a greater extent. But apple claimed the lifecycle of iPad Air is more iPad 2.

1. Bottom line:

Bottom line

The absence of retina display widens the gap better the two devices. This gives an extra edge for buying iPad Air even if it is put side by side for sale with iPad 4.

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