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Top Ten most Devastating/Dangerous Computer Viruses

As terrible as it sounds, Computer Virus can be highly destructive and dangerous. A computer virus could cause huge damage to your machine hardware as well as data. It may considerably disrupt the performance of your system and has the possibility to clean out the whole hard drive. Same as pneumonia, cancer and other fatal diseases are to persons, viruses are to systems. It is programmed to tirelessly replicate itself and damage your computer making it tediously slow. Several people and financial institution lost sensitive data due to these viruses. Hackers were able to steal billions of dollars by using these viruses.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Ever

Here you can check a list of Top Ten most dangerous Computer Viruses that has made most amount of damages till now. See also: Most dangerous viruses for human and most dangerous bacteria on earth

10. Nimda


This only takes 22 minutes for this perilous virus to spread through four different manners like server vulnerabilities, e-mail, file transfer and shared folders.

9. Conficker


This virus is very tough to notice without using an improved version of genuine malware and anti-virus scanner. It could spread through removable disks such as smart phones, hard disks, and other drives.

8. Storm Worm

Storm Worm

This was undoubtedly one of the very greatest and sophisticated fake networks ever formed. It roused the victims into hitting the fake links in the e-mail which was tainted by the damaging virus that might simply crash any Windows computer.

7. CIH


This virus taints the executable files of Windows 95 and 98 and after performing that it keeps a tenant in the memory of machine, where it taints other exe files.

6. Melissa


It was the primary mass-mailing international virus for the fresh age of e-mailing that turns into the breaking news all over the world.

5. SQL Slammer

SQL Slammer

It is a separate hateful program even identifies as “Sapphire” looked at the opening of the year 2003 as well as it was the initial file less threat that quickly infected over 75000 susceptible hosts in just 10 minutes.

4. Code Red

Code Red

This damaging virus was for the initial time noticed by two employees of the eEye Digital Security and that time when they noticed about this virus, those two employees were drinking the Code Red Mountain Dew; so that they give name “Code Red.”

3. Sobig F

Sobig F

It infected host systems by tricking the clients that the fraudulent e-mail they acknowledged is from the lawful source. In case the user starts the attachment it finds out a safety hole in the particular system letting the prowler to convey messages through the trapped e-mail address of user.



The only trickiest malware of the computer ever was noticed on 4th May in Philippines. Approx 10% of the web users dedicated a massive mistake by moving on the name of this dangerous worm. The harmful virus performed on a thorough human feeling of the want to be loved as of which it turns into a worldwide pandemic in just one night.

1. My Doom

My Doom

This virus was explored its manner to the world of malware on 26th Jan 2004 and convey a shake all over the world because it sprinkled exponentially through e-mail with haphazard addresses of senders as well as lines of subject.

Is your PC ever got any of the above Top 10 most dangerous computer viruses, let us know about your experience.

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