Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014

We are now living in the 21st century still there are countries which are dangerous for its citizens. Here we have listed Ten most Dangerous countries which have hit poorly by the unforeseen happening. Persons living there are not safe and you can state that they are living under constant state of fear. Issues related to internal politics,external aggression, military adventure and violence activities made these nations dangerous and insecure to live in. Some of these nations are also not completely safe for a visit.

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Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014 list:

You can check this list of Top ten Most Dangerous Countries in the world.

10. United States

United States

You are might be surprised to see USA in this list that is super influential in international sphere. It has completed after the attacks of 9/11 on this nation. This nation is a target nation because of having in wars in diverse countries mainly in the Afghanistan and Iraq.

9. Russia

Russia is perfect economical based country but few challenges related to security are being faced by this nation. The rate of crime is growing with the course of time. Russia is integrated in the list of top ten most dangerous countries in 2014 for ti’s high rate of kidnapping and murder.

8. Brazil

Brazil has a wonderful repute all over the world as sports activities mainly football makes this nation popular. Brazil has a good police force but still not handling the increased rate of crime rate. The rate of murder is  increasing rapidly with the time.

7. South Africa

South Africa is integrated in this list of unsafe countries because of increasing in rate of crime, rape, murder. Cape Town is in the 1st number where the entire activities are moving on. Woman should avoid to visit the Cape Town because of highest rate of rape.

6. Venezuela

Venezuela is a gorgeous country and has popular beaches for the season of summer. But still is a risky country. High speed of murdering is a great fear in this nation. The robberies and kidnapping rate is even increasing here.

5. Burundi

Burundi has experience from war crimes. Management is trying to determine the conflict of armed. This nation has high-speed of systemic abuse of global humanitarian rights law that includes torture, murder and rape.

4. Afghanistan

Being in the external and internal war from a last few years Afghanistan is cautioned world-wide for any visitor activity mainly USA provided travel warning to their country.

3. Colombia

Colombia is an average takings nation. This has turn into the unsafe place because of high rate of crime together with kidnapping and murders. The major problem is the deaths because of drug trafficking.

2. Somalia

Somalia is a gorgeous country and must be a travel end for the visitor from the world. But it is agony from different challenges. No tourists has approached in this nation for last 14 years.


Current Iraq is the most dangerous country of world. The key reason is activities of terrorist that are still moving on also after the exit of outside forces. It has turn into a zone of war where nobody is fully secure. Bomb blasts on the constantly basis killing several people.

If you belong to any of the above Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries, Let us know your experience in the comment section.

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  1. Lol USA is number 10 I understand why but there a counter argument it is a target nation but the amount of money where spending on security and defense also makes the us the most secures and safest country, should not be in this list lol, but I agree it is a target nation

    1. US is not a safe nation mainly because you employ and harbor terrorist on your backyard… Watch it as it turns into a warzone someday..

      1. you just seem to hate US and you got only 1 catchphrase :”they employ and harbor terrorists…bla bla bla”…I think this article is about dangerous places to live in. I dont see people at much risk in US. the 911 emergency system is one of the best in the world.

        1. Bullshit, the U.S.A is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. it has no gun control, anyone with a few bucks can buy a gun. it has the most racial profiling of any nation. kids, killing kids, cops killing kids, rednecks killing blacks, blacks killing whites, now its legal to buy and smoke pot, in several states. whats next, lets legalize cocaine and heroine too, while your at it. your government makes wars with other nations, so they can profit from it. corruption all over the white house.

          911 planes, that supposedly crashes into the world trade center, and the Pentagon, was all staged fakes, go online a research it, and you eyes will be opened. The Busch, administration, was one of the most corupt. were phony, it was an inside job, by your government.

          1. legal weed aint the problem. Getting arrested for weed is. Smokin weed aint killing ppl. Goin to gail and meet criminals do.

      2. You wish the USA harm. So why wont you include it in the list! There are Arab nations that alone should make up the top ten. These primitive muddle east countries should not exist on earth today.

      3. That’s not true. It’s not that bad. There is some bad stuff, but not as bad as people lying dead on the streets. India is so much more dangerous, and Isis is going to places NOT IN THE US!!! It s targeted because we have doge so well in defeating everybody.

    2. Target nation???? the deathrate in usa is probably purely killings by teenagers and gang related killings….. The deaths in other countries are mostly done BY usa… doesnt have to do with hate to usa or not.. its just the fact that americans dont want to see.

  2. I’ve traveled across Europe, USA, Pakistan, China and I’m an Indian citizen. I highly doubt USA would even realistically make it to top ten. USA is a target nation but USA does a good job at protecting itself from those threat elements. My country is more dangerous than USA lol can’t believe USA is at 10.

  3. USA as #10???

    I live in USA.. aside from occasional local crime, I’ve been extremely lucky I’ve never faced the things other countries have faced.. I agree as well based on our actions we’ve become a target nation, but thanks to our defenses and security that threat rate is dropped. But hey, danger can happen anywhere.. but to have us as #10 over countries that are facing much worse… seriously?

  4. U.S? Get the hell are of here! What about Syria, Nigeria, Yemen and Mexico? I'm sorry, but U.S has become one of the safest countries in the world.. Safer than yours.

    1. Yes you are indeed correct. US has become one of the safest countries for terrorist because they know the US Citizens won’t do any harm to them but the US citizens are not safe with terrorist on your own backyard..

  5. Well I’m glad Pakistan isn’t mentioned sick and tired for these pasty White Americans labeling it most dangerous I’m glad Indian media doesn’t hold a negative towards Pakistan:)

    1. lmfao home boy come to syria we will show u who is more dangerous XD Syria is way more dangerous i have seen with my own eyes people get kidnaped its not safe at all .

  6. Danger in Columbia because of murderers because of drug traffic, If you go or live there just don’t be involved with drugs. Problem solved.

    1. Strange comment to say the least, sounds like propaganda. Foreign nationals are always being killed in Columbia during random robberies.

  7. I live in South Africa, Cape Town and you can’t say women must STAY out of Cape Town because of the rapes. Women get raped where ever they go. And let me tell you something, you only get raped if you live in dangerous parts of cape town and if your house get broken in to and the criminal decides he want to rape you. The only reason why our rape numbers is so high is because people file a rape charge when their not satisfied like for example a hooker doesn’t get paid, or a gay couple fight, don’t get me wrong there is real rape cases but mostley in the townships. But thank you for your criticizing comment.

    1. excuse me please if in the ranking there is not a name OF PAKISTAN DONT TRY TO MENTION THAT THERE MUST THE NAME OF MY COUNTRY RUDE

    1. Easy there on mentioning St Louis. There are a lot of cities that are more dangerous. Heck check the most dangerous cities in the world there isn’t a US city on the list

    1. No they can’t! You probably live in Somalia so you don’t have any idea.
      It’s only people messed up In the head that do that! That has happened… once in the last 2 years.

  8. I have to disagree with your site about South Africa. I’ve lived in this country all of my life – and I believe you haven’t researched properly. For one thing, Cape Town is the place people usually WANT to go in South Africa for it’s low crime rates and mellow inhabitants. In fact, Foreign companies using South Africa as part of any TV shows, reality shows, movies and music videos specifically go to Cape Town for the immense safety in comparison to any other province.

    Not to mention South Africa is the rape capital of the world with Soweto and Johannesburg proving to have the highest numbers according to many accomplished academic scholars and writers who have done research for years.
    I myself am living in Johannesburg, and although I’m not proud of it, I believe the correct statistics must be shown.
    However you have done an excellent job in general, and accuracy isn’t too bad considering how hard it is to find some of these things out. I thus applaud you for another most interesting top ten list.

    1. Actually no, you are wrong. South Africa is the only country in the world to have the word Africa in it. Therefore this creates the illusion that it is a violent country and that is why it is on this list.

    2. Why is South Africa only number 7 you need to do some better resurch we should be number one iv lived here my whole life and it’s totally fucked up someone gets raped every 14 seconds

    3. South Africa isn’t the rape capital of the world it just happens to have the most accurate statistics.

      The Congo is the world rape capital, then places such as Afghanistan, Columbia, Syria, Sudan etc.

    1. Brother how can you say India to be placed at no . 10th ranking. …….. If you really think it’s a threat to the world then you must stay in some other country

  9. I live in south africa and no its not so dangerous as you make it out to be cape town is one of our safest cities its the one city you can walk around at night with out worries . Maybe if u go into our cbd yes you have to be worried as thats where most of the crime happens but every city has its hot spot where you cant go so im not to sure if you list is so accurate as a matter of fact where is the congo where every day hundreds of people dies in war where children gets druged up and becomes a child soldier ?? And if im not mistaken mexico isnt to save either with their cartels and drug war …

  10. I live in brazil and it is safe. But the news section keeps saying blablabla death, blablabla manifestation, blablabla muderer, etc… But it is safe for me. Well I live on an apartament and it's safe.

  11. True top 10 : 1-Iraq 2-Syria 3-Afghanistan 4-Somalia 5-South Africa 6-Yemen 7-Democratic Republic of Congo 8-Nigeria 9-Mexico 10-RUSSIA

  12. So many comments keep saying that they're surprised to see USA here but have you ever looked at our murder rate a year and the other crimes a year I think they did a great job getting the top ten just little shocked to see Brazil in it. Thought Brazil only had minor robbery crimes

  13. So many comments keep saying that they're surprised to see USA here but have you ever looked at our murder rate a year and the other crimes a year I think they did a great job getting the top ten just little shocked to see Brazil in it. Thought Brazil only had minor robbery crimes

  14. Three cheers for honesty. America sure as hell IS dangerous. Kinda why I moved to Mexico. At least I have more privacy.

  15. Was America ever the greatest country in the world? I mean, maybe in the greatest amount of stupidity and ignorance…

  16. Serena Costanza Check out number 3 sweetheart. Mexico's government has not control over it's drug trade. I don't know about you but that wouldn't make me feel too safe.

  17. Let me tell you, sir, that the drug issue in Colombia has decreased ALOT. If you gonna base how dangerous a country is simply by the trafficking and consuming of drugs, then there are places far worse. Not to mention that security has increased (sky rocketed), and that crime isnt as bad as before.
    BTW I'm a Colombian who has lived there for the past 4 years, and has had his childhood there.
    P.S I'm not saying Colombia is safe, obviously it has a sertain rate of crime like any other country in the world

  18. You left out Costa Rica. I’ve lived here all my life and the criminals have the run of the country. The news of this small country are almost nothing but the day’s headcount. The police are hampered by a legal system that favours the criminals, by corrupt and/or inept judges that apply the least severe penalties (if at all).

    It is not safe to venture out on the streets at night anymore and the country’s inhabitants cannot obtain any redress and justice from the State.

  19. I’m 13 years old and I live in America I love America I understand a lot is happening but I think out country is very strong and can take what ever comes at us

  20. My wife and I fled SA in 1999 due to the terrible violent crime rates and in fact many townships where
    we lived in Sandton/Northern Suburbs in Gauteng are like medieval forts being ringed with steel fencing and entry to the possible 300 homes in each is though a bar gate manned 24 hrs by an armed security guard. It is a crying shame because SA is a terrific country but one cannot live with heavy pistols kept on hand especially when going out due to thsoe4 who were promised the Earth by the ANC but are in many cases worse off now. We have considered coming back as property in SA is very cheap compared with Europe, but every time we get set for a test visit the news comes out from SA about more people being axed or slaughtered by the criminals. My wife can walk alone around here in Southern Spain wearing gold chains on view with no risk of being robbed and especially being raped. The current Oscar Pistorius case causes questions as why he needed to keep a powerful pistol under his bed and recent documentaries include South Africans, non-whites saying on camera that “Things were so much better when the white man was in charge”. We still await the result of the Marikana Mine strike “murder case” which has to be the A N C’s Sharpville, except Sharpeville was orchestrated for propaganda purposes and Marikana was a legal strike over low wages. Europe has had a documentary on this apparent slaughter by the SAPS showing the SAPS in a very bad light.
    Such a shame but as Alan Paton’s widow has announced, “SA (after the new government has been in power for a few years,, this really is Cry the Beloved Country and not what her husband foresaw when he wrote his book.

    Also 1976, One Pound Sterling was worth R1, 50, In 1999 it was worth R5, and now it is worth R17 to R18. No wonder the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer. Time again for a new expensive executive jet airplane for the President? And R220 plus million spending on his private residence? This is pure Africa and one of the reasons that Apartheid existed. one day the masses will wake up.

  21. I just would like to inform you in clonial times, that Somalia was spilt into two territories. British Somaliland and Somali Italiano.Britain clonized Northern Somalia( Somaliland) and Italians colonized Southern Somalia.In Northern Somalia called” Somaliland” got their independence from Britain in June26,1960 and Southern Somalia got their independence from Italia in 1st July, 1960.British Somaliland joined Italian Somalia 4 days after their independence from United Kingdom to form Somali Republic.Now, Somalia is a failed state with Alshabaab Extremists, Pirates and there are bloody ongoing war for the last 23 years.While, Somaliland is a self declared independent republic that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia.Somaliland has it’s own currency, president, vive president, it is own army, police, passport, jusicial system and is free drom Exremists, Warlords and suicidal bombings that always happens in Somalia.In April 2014,the Sheffield City Council in the United Kingdom voted to recognize the right the right to self- determination of Somaliland,the first city council to do so.The gesture was purely ceremonial and carried no legal weight.It is vry safe to go to Somaliland and enjoy it is beaches.

      1. Why is he an idiot?! USA is a dangerous country? to many mentally ill ppl owning a gun. Shoot before talk. You must be fucked up in the head to own a gun to start with.. And completly retarded when u dont put it behind a locked door

  22. really I am 30 years old and I live somali barticulerly galkai, there are really more promplems such as killings inocent people and other promplems so what can we do? mostly somali people ara poor people, my personaly my allah didnot meeting me any afroad something, every thanks belongs allah,

  23. Somalia is not a dangerous country. Only the capital city Mogadisho is a bit dangerous. There are living some terrorists named Al Shabaab who are making troubles. But more than that there are not other problems in Somalia that makes the country dangerous.
    There are no rapes, drugs addiction, gangwars, racism, child abuse etc, because 99 procent of the Somalis are muslims. These things (almost) don;t exists in Somalia. In the past it was a very beautiful country but America ruined it all with the war in 1993 (black Hawk Down). It is now in development.

    And South Africa is ruined because of the white people who started Apartheid in the past. The whole live system of South Africa was destroyed by the white european people (For example the Netherlands). The result of it is what you see nowdays; corrupted government, drugs addiction, rapes (every 14 seconds), HIV/Aids, gangwars

  24. USA is only dangerous because we allow all them Middle Eastern/Indians and other foreigners into our country!!
    Yes, the USA might be a Top 10 “TARGET NATION COUNTRY” but definitely NOT top 10 MOST DANGEROUS country to live in!!

    1. except you americans seem to forget all those usesless killings your kids do at school.

      its not the middle eastern or indians that kill most ppl in usa.. ITs the fucked up Americans themselves.

      If you want to get out of the top 10. Be real to yourself and get rit of the guns in the livingroom

    2. yeah! We let all of you people in, and we become dangerous cause we are giving you our tax money? Huff.

  25. hahahahaha all you foreigners stay out of RUSSIA if you know what’s good for you, God can’t protect you within our borders

  26. You forgot to include India.
    India should be place 1st in terms of most dangerous country where tourist should avoid to visit. Firstly, there has been many incident in past about foriegn women rape and murder in Goa and many part of India state. Secondly, India is very weak country it is failed to capture most wanted man “Dawood Ibrahim” Terrorist from Pakisthan has always boombarded in India also experience of Taj Hotel where many tourist have to get kiddinaped for long hours disturbing their schedule. Most importantly, Delhi which is the capital of India is not safe for women. Delhi police and government have always fail to control it. Being tourist and coming from another world you have to come Delhi as major flights are connected to international flights via Delhi. Warning of caution – chain snatchers, fraud people always to try to fool forgeiners in order to earn more money. Never trust auto rickshaw, taxi drivers in any city of India because they always drive vechicle in drunk condition which is not safe.
    I mostly emphasis you should avoid any trip to India if you don’t want to spoil your holiday vaction.

  27. India is the most dangerous in the world. Because rapes and other crime s are higher in india than other countries.

  28. yes, colombia used to be a dangerous country ten or 20 years ago . But violence is no longer as big of an issue . colombia is currently in peace treating s , so the FARC is no longer be a substantial threat to people. so i dont really see why they are in third

  29. Yea I see how it is “ok” to make rude comments about the U.S. and white people but don’t dare make rude comments about middle east or Africans because it is very politically incorrect and you people have a serious ‘victim-perpetrator complex! Like the USA owes everybody on Earth something is complete bullshit! You non whites are programmed to hate us! Hate is HATE! a nonwhite that hates whites is NO BETTER THAN a racist whiteman! Just because the USA is #10 this has to turn into an impromptu jingoistic Anti American hate page! I personally believe this list is wrong Syria isn’t on here?

  30. Iraq can’t be number 1, I live in Iraq and its safe where I am, only half of Iraq is dangerous otherwise the rest are safe. It can be number 4 but seriously? 1? What about Syria and Yemen

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