Top Ten Countries with Largest Coal Reserves

Do you know why your electronic device is still running? It’s because of coal and Oil. You must be wondering what are the Largest Coal producing countries and countries with largest coal reserves.

Coal is the main source of electricity and heat in the recent world. Total amount of estimated recoverable coal is 861 billion tonnes. Among the countries around the world, 70 countries are found to be economically workable.

Top Ten Countries with Largest Coal Reserves

More than 80% of coal deposits/reserves are estimated to be found in just the following ten countries, with an ascending order. So let’s begin the list:

10. Canada


It is in the tenth position having estimated amount of coal 6.5 billion tonnes (as of 2012).

Canada: 6.582 Billion Tonnes 0.1% of world’s total coal reserves

9. Colombia

coal reserves in colombia
coal reserves in Colombia

Estimated coal reserves in Colombia is 6.7 billion tonnes (as of 2012) ranking in the ninth place. Most of the coal deposits are located at Latin America. Bigger portion of country’s production is exported.

Colombia: 6.746 Billion Tonnes 0.8% of world’s total reserves

8. Kazakhstan

kazakhstan coal reserves
Kazakhstan coal reserves

Kazakhstan holds about 33.6 billion tonnes (3.9% of world’s total) of coal equating the eighth position. This is located at central Asia’s most recoverable coal zone. In 2012, it produced about 126 million tonnes of coal, making it the tenth largest producer of coal. Majority of coal produced (about 75%) is used in domestic purpose and electricity production. Bogatyr Coal mine (opencast) produces largest amount of coal, holding 4.5 billion tons of coal deposits.

Kazakhstan: 33.600 Billion Tonnes 3.9% of total world reserves

7. Ukraine

Ukraine Coal Reserves
Ukraine Coal Reserves

It is in the seventh (7th) position, with an estimated recoverable coal of 33.9 billion tonnes (3.9% of world’s total). Most of the country’s production (more than 90%) comes from  Donets Basin region. In 2012, Ukraine produced  85.946 million tonnes of coal which is about 1.2% of world’s total coal production. Mining is the main industry in eastern  Ukraine.

Ukraine: 33.873 Billion Tonnes 3.9% of world’s total reserves

6. Germany

Germany Coal Reserve History
Germany Coal Reserve History

Coal in Germany ranks the sixth largest (40.7 billion tonnes) in the world having 4.7% of world’s total coal reserves. Germany is the eighth biggest coal producer as of 2012 statistics and largest brown coal (bituminous) in the world. About 50% of the total coal production in this country is used for electricity generation.

Germany: 40.699 Billion Tonnes 4.7% of world’s total reserves

5. India

India Coal Reserves
India Coal Reserves

India holds the fifth position in the list of Top 10 Countries with largest coal reserves with an estimated coal reserve of 60.6 billion tonnes (7% of world’s total). Thickest coal seam in India, and probably the second thickest coal seam in the world, is Jhingurda Coal Seam (140 m). India is the third largest coal producer in the world followed by US and China. Most of the coal deposits of India are situated in the eastern part covering the states West Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chattisgarh (more than 70% of country’s total coal deposits).

India: 60.600 Billion Tonnes 7.0% of world’s total reserves

4. Australia

Australia Coal Reserves
Australia Coal Reserves

Australia stands in the fourth position, with an estimated coal reserves of 76.4 billion tonnes (8.9% of world’s total coal deposits). Significant coal producing states are Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. It is the largest coal exporter in the world, Australia exports about  70% of the total production of coal. High quality black coal (bituminous coal) is mined in New South Wales and Queensland.

Australia: 76.400 Billion Tonnes 8.9% of world’s total reserves

3. China

China Coal Reserves
China Coal Reserves

China is the largest coal producer of coal (about 47.5%) in the world and it rank, and it is the third largest country with proven coal reserves. China consists of estimated 114.5 billion tonnes (about 13% of world’s total) of proven coal reserves.

China: 114.500 Billion Tonnes 13.3% of  world’s total reserves

2. Russia

Russia Coal Reserves
Russia Coal Reserves

Russian Federation is second among Top 10 Countries with largest coal reserves with a proven coal reserve of 157.01 billion tonne (18% of the of world’s total). Russia’s coal reserves are mainly in the basins of Kuznetsk and Kansk-Achinsk. It is  the sixth largest producer of coal in the world (2012). Major producer of coal in Russia are Rosugol and Donugol. About 65% of total coal production in Russia is used in domestic purpose.

Russian Federation: 157.010 Billion Tonnes 18.2% of  world’s total reserves

1. United States of America (USA)

US Coal Reserves
US Coal Reserves

United States of America ranks first in terms of highest proved coal reserves. About 25% of the world’s total coal reserve is in this country. USA holds about 237.295 billion tonnes of coal (as of 2012) and it is also the second largest coal producer in the world. World’s largest coal (coal reserves)  mine, North Antelope Rochelle is situated in this country with an estimated recoverable reserves of 2.3 billion tonnes (as of 2012). United State’s thickest coal Seam as well as world’s thickest coal seam, is Pittsburgh coal seam , extending over 11,000 mi2 covering 53 countries in the world.

US: 237.295 Billion Tonnes 27.6% of world’s total reserves

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