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Top Ten Best Media Players for Windows

Media player was prior an expression indicated to any PC software which played media files but with the arrival of moveable device it has also come to include the broad choices of android and other players related to open source. Here you can check top ten best media players for windows.

10. MediaMonkey


MediaMonkey is a media library application and digital media player. Throughout the download as well as extra available plugins from the site it can be work in observance with lots of different format and videos

9. QuickTime


This is modesty framework of multimedia of the popular Apple inc., and it is a must for Adobe Photoshop and lots of other software related to video editing. The newest edition of this player is QuickTime Player v10.x and QuickTime X that lets screen recording, online sharing, magic mouse options and multiple export options.

8. iTunes


The very recent editions available for iTunes is 11.0, it is also available with the attractive features presented are moderately less. You can search the in-house Itunes store for audio books, podcasts, music and also stream the latest episode or rent a movie.

7. Winamp


At the present Winamp is a supplementary of AOL. It is proprietary but a shareware or freeware. Winamp turn into famous for its attractive service of MP3 file sharing, skins, graphical song, interactive visualizations and extensible plugins. Winamp integrated hidden features that they treated as Easter eggs that are available through undocumented clicks or random exploration.

6. Miro


The foundation of Participatory culture available with Miro whose only motive is to allow and support non-corporate, independent and creative ventures. So, their main project MIRO was tagged as the DTV or The Democracy Player.

5. SMPlayer


SMplayer is completely free software released in the 2006 its steady edition 0.8.5 was unconfined in the May 2013. It is usually downloaded for its attractive features that comprise; video and audio equalizer and filters, settings of the subtitles and fetch internet, it even has an incorporated radio, YouTube browser, T.V as well as several speed playback.

4. Banshee


Sonance or Banshee as it was known till 2005 is the media player of open source. It utilizes GStreamer and works flawlessly with the MP3, OFF vorbis and FLAC. It can even import CDs as well as it is fully compatible with the devices of Apple and Android and Zen players of Creative.

3. Media Player classic

Media Player classic

It is available in more than 25 languages; it is the third most liked and downloaded media player in the entire world. The existing version is

2. GOM

GOM Player

Gretech Online Movie or GOM player is from South Korea. It was initially intended for GOM-TV but its skill to play busted media files as well as search missing codec utilizing its effective service of codec finder made it the very famous media player.

1. VLC

Top Ten Best Media Players for Windows- VLC media player

VLC player tops our Top Ten Best Media Players for Windows list due to it’s wide popularity, timely update and Almost supporting any video formats.VLC is the very famous portable cross- platform open-source freeware. It is even a wonderful streaming player. It completely supports video-audio compression techniques and many file formats together with CD, DVD and streaming protocols.

Most of the above Top Ten Best Media Players for Windows are free. You can download them from  Top Ten Websites to Download Free Legal Software

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