Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the world

Each nation has its personal agencies of intelligence for the security of its people as well as collecting of imperative secret details that can impact their interests. These agencies are a sign of defense power and strength of country. Here you can check Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the world.

10. Mossad, Israel

Mossad, Israel

Mossad is the Israel’s intelligence agency. It is the best of world and top-secret agencies of intelligence. Mossad was produced in year 1949 and its major aims are intelligence compilation, secret operations, as well as counter-terrorism. Major concentration of this company is on the Arab organizations and nations.

9. MSS, China

MSS, China

Ministry of State safety is the major agency of intelligence in China. The agency was formed in 1983. It is accountable for counterintelligence operations and foreign intelligence.

8. RAW, India

 RAW, India

Analysis and research Wing is independent intelligence agency of India shaped in 1968. It is HQ in New Delhi. The organization collect information and intelligence about foreign management, criminals and organization, provide details to India policymakers as well as protects the nation from violence.

7. ASIS, Australia

ASIS, Australia

Secret Intelligence Service of Australia is measured on of the greatest. It was recognized in year 1952 and has HQ in the Canberra. The major aims of the agency are to gather secret information and intelligence examine activities of other opponent nations and controlled criminals and take act for the safety and security of the country.

6. DGSE, France

DGSE, France

General Directorate for outside Security is observed as the only most commanding agencies of the security. It was shaped in year 1982 to supply as outside intelligence organization for the France Government.

5. BND, Germany

BND, Germany

Bundesnachrichtendienst is Germany’s central intelligence agency. Formed in the year 1956, it is the only well-organized and best intelligence organizations in the world. Its HQ are located in Pullach close to Munich.

4. FSB, Russia

FSB, Russia

The service of Federal Security is the only best intelligence agencies of world. It is major agency of Russia and was shaped in the year 1995. The major aim of the FSB is to gather information, protect and fight with activist and make sure security of country. Its office situated in the Downtown Moscow, Lubyanka Square.

3. MI6, UK


Shaped in 1909, the service of Secret Intelligence is intelligence agency of UK. It has an imposing HQ, known as SIS Building. The agency works with the committee of Joint Intelligence, the inner safety Service, the Defence Intelligence and the Government Communications Headquarters, and offers secret information and foreign intelligence about other organizations and countries to United Kingdom’s Government.

2. CIA, United States

CIA, United States

CIA is sovereign agency of secret intelligence of US functioning under Director of National Intelligence’s commands. It was formed in 1947 by Harry S. Truman the President. The agency is separated into 4 other sections together with the support’s Directorate, the intelligence’s Directorate, the Science’s Directorate and Technology and the service of National Clandestine.

1. ISI, Pakistan

Top Ten Best Intelligence Agencies in the world: ISI, Pakistan

ISI is the strongest and best intelligence agency of the world as positioned by American Crime News. It is the very distinguished agency of intelligence of Pakistan.

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  1. Mossads is the no.1.. thats Israel.. they are the best in the world.. Pakistan is the last country in the world.

      1. iam not saying India is no 1. mossad it is the best in the world. I request you all people pls don’t include Pakistan name under intelligence, Any were in the list.

        1. All bastards, see Pakistan’s ISI is at the TOP, don’t give your survey, check the neutral authority survey. check survey of all neutral bodies. do little research before commenting. bloody looser

        2. Mossad is Not the Best come to ground reallity they always realy on CIA Mosad is Dummy CIA,ISI,MI6,FSB. They are the main Agencies to rule the world ISI is the One who engaged CIA and all the world to Afghanistan, Iraq , Libya Spend their own Money on them also Hodlding All India Working in Sri Lanka, Holding All Arab Countries ISI is One who Defeated Russia and divide it to many parts ISI do the main part to make China as Super Power come to ground reallity and profs.

      2. Jis country k pas apne admi ka pet bharne k lia paisa ny h.uska nam sbse upar h.amarica ka dia hua bheekh isi kha ja rha h..bhekh mang k desh chal rha h aur boli bda bda h.

  2. whole world knows Pakistan is a idiotic country. their invention is 0. and 75% less brain then sheep.. ha ha.. jokes apart. That’s the truth. Pakistan is not even the last country…. Under the list of intelligence they are not in that list. that’s it.

        1. And if raw was that stronger why mumbai attacks would have happened and if cia is that stronger why 9/11 attack would have occured lol fir u

  3. @ Indian . Hehehe
    Do I hear you saying ? …..
    “American Crimes News is under the list of NEWS” ?

    ISI shows its importance whether American Crimes NEWS or people like you even can’t stop thinking about it.

    1. and what about 9/11 …why the most advanced agency c.i.a is failed to save twin tower …this could be happen to top agencies….man grow up……

  4. ISI is the intelligence agency having lowest budget in all above mentioned agencies at no. 10. This is not my statement just Google it or find it on “Globalfirepower.com” ISI is considered so strong that westerns are used to call it “king makers”
    ISI is ranked not by Pakistani people but an american crime news agency, anyone having a doubt on this can search thyself.
    If it would be in hands of India like ICC is in its pocket the credibility of everything might be claimed by India and the world might be a shit place to live on.

  5. Here is my list.

    1.CIA, USA
    2.FSB, Russia
    3.MSS, China
    4.MI6 – UK
    5. Mossad – Israel
    6. ISI – Pakistan
    7.MSS, China
    8. RAW – India
    9. BND – Germany
    10. DGSE – France

    1. Hello if isi faild to save a school.then what happen in Usa schooles where student kill other students CIA even fail to save from students their schooles but IsI faceing well traind terroreist who are working on pay roles by india and also israel and USA.

  6. Appreciating the counting such top ten organization. And know all the members are involved only for the interest of their own nation. One thing like to express that unfortunately if any person fella by suspicious as agent of such any of organization and hooked and hanged forever in the common peoples circle that must die or be killed by slow poisoning, where government al any political party not give him/her support. And only one way that person can live if it can be seriously involved with any of such organization. Mukti MAjid, Peelkhana, Dhaka, Bangladesh

  7. ISI has some tremendous capabilities which we did not see in other agencies. 1st they are master of proxy wars and brilliant in covert operation(Either it be soviet, Afghanistan or India) . Secondly they are too good in making double agent and indirect agents not only in public but also in enemies military.

    As we have seen many times that ISI penetrated in Indian Army and Indian military intelligence too. Their indirect intelligence action is so successful against Indian Army. Even recently a crucial troops movement plan of Indian army was leaked to ISI just in few minutes after the discussion between Indian Army chief and defense ministry.

  8. LOL……Pakistan Is Da Best Secret Agency..????? WTF?? Daily Atleast 2-3 bombs Getting Blasted In Da Country wat ISI is doin….I guess Dey are Busy In Licking Cunts at their home…:P Dis Website belongs to Porkistan Citizen Datz y dey are mentioning dat dey are da best..U Ol Mullas..Everytym u ol Are getting Hammered And Fucked by Indian Army.whether it is 1947-48,65,71,99 Dont U hav Shame A Bit??? We Have Reached to Mars And U Motherfuckers Still Trying to Enter Indian Borders..If Ur Terrorist Grups are having so much guts dan y dun give a direcct fight to the indian army??? what happens at dat tym?? derz no democracy in ur country?? Mullas Fucking to deir Own Sisters..haahahahhahahah…….Assholes….Ur Country Z A Sacred Place Of Terrorists..And Soon U Ol Gonna Pay For It For Sure..Ur Own Terrorist Grups Gonna Drill Ur Ass For Sure..Be Ready For It..Or else Start Fighting Against Terrorism Now Itself..Advice Ur brothas not to Join Jihadis Grup..And Kindly Correct Ur Stats..Mossads Are Well ahead Comapred To India And Pakistan..and u ol are nowhere so try hard to come in top ten..admit da truth dat ur country z currently da worst country to be visited by ny humans.country is made beautiful by Its pplz m nt telling dat u ol are not having natural beauty given by God..God Has Given U Nice Place To live on..Plz dont Make it Hell For You…!!!!

  9. I dont see how ISI could be the best intelligence agency. I mean terror attacks happen almost every week in Pakistan and many of ISI Agents or whatever they’re called are allegedly leaking intelligence to terrorists or are involved in terrorist activities? at least that is what i’ve read in the news :/ why didnt they see the rawalpindi attacks coming? what about the high profile assassination of Benazir Bhutto? oh and the Indian intelligence agency, pfft how did they even get in the top 10? The Mumbai Terror attacks are as big as a screw up can get, particularly when they were aware that an attack was going to happen and yet they never did anything about it. oh and lets not forget the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. i can name a number of high profile screw ups by the indian intelligence.

  10. Deepak may be if you drank milk instead of piss your RAW would be slightly higher. Pakistan now produce one of the best nuclear bombs in the world, India would never go to war with Pakistan, I’m sorry but had to put you straight, first of all your English is pathetic, there is more poverty in India than Pakistan, more Homeless people in India, but people like you won’t let your country prosper because you very shallow minded and the Pakistani also are shallow minded you forget you was one nation and lived like one, you don’t how you was devided and made to hate each other, if we be humans and not blame one another then maybe you sit on the same table and eat together again.

  11. hey indians ,dont be jealous start work hard ,,,but iif u worked so much hard u will not reach to the hardworking of pakistan ………rest in peace.?……… loser indians ……

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