Top Ten Most Active Volcanoes

Active volcanoes are those volcanoes that formed magma within the previous 10,000 years. This is accounted that there are almost 1500 very active volcanoes in the entire world. Almost of those volcanoes were situated close to the Pacific Ring of Fire. Persons within that particular area of environs will forever be in seize of terror as at any time eruption of the volcano may take place. Here is a list of Top Ten Most Active Volcanoes.

10. Mauna Loa Volcano

Mauna Loa Volcano

This is the biggest volcano in the whole world in conditions of amount. It embraces 18k cubic miles of molten rock and this is at the 120 ft height on top of the level of sea. This was exploding for over 700,000 years.

9. Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano

It is situated on the Luzon’s island. This Tall volcano is situated at the mid position of Tall Lake that was in shaped of serious volcanic outbreak.

8. Mt. Merapi

Mt. Merapi

It is situated in the Yogyakarta city, Indonesia. Yogyakarta city is the house for numbers of people. It was the very active and dangerous volcano in the middle of 130 Indonesia’s volcanoes.

7. Santa Maria

Santa Maria

Situated 130 km left from the Guatemala City. The eruption of volcano occurs because of the clash among Carribean Plate and Cocos Plate. The newest outbreak occurred in the year 2011.

6. Ulawun


It is situated in Papau the region of New Guinea has on track to explode from the starting of 18th century. From that time it has exploded almost 22 times.

5. Galeras


It has been situated close to the Ecuador border. The very active volcanoes in the region of Columbia, it has been constantly exploding for over 1,000 centuries.

4. Sakurajima


This mountain of volcano was situated in its split island. Later than this eruption of volcano, the lava run linked the mountain with the Japan’s Osumi Peninsula. This has been known as East’s Vesuvius. It supplies as the risk to 7 lack people of the Kagoshima city.

3. Mt. Nyiragongo

Mt. Nyiragongo

This is the only very active volcanoes in the region of Africa. It is situated in the Congo’s Democratic Republic; it has exploding from year 1882. The hollow inner side the mountain offers as the molten rock fluid’s holder.

2. Mt. Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius

It is not just the only most hazardous volcanoes in the whole world but even the very thickly occupied volcano in the entire world. This Mt. Vesuvius volcano is situated at the Campagnia that is five miles left from the region of Naples. The Naples city has almost 3 million inhabitants.

1.Yellow Stone Caldera

Yellow Stone Caldera

This high voltage volcano is situated under the US, Yellow National Park. For your revelation this super volcano has not explode for the last 640,000 years. A query arises: How it can be on the go volcano so far? It was supposed that earlier than 640,000 years, this high voltage volcano has exploded.

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