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Top Ten Best 9mm Pistols in the world

If you’re passionate about Pistols/Handguns then we have something amazing for you. Do you have a passion for shooting? Need a pistol for self-defense or military purposes? Whatever your reason is, the 9mm Parabellum 9x19mm is the most reliable and widely used handgun because of its features such as compact size, magazine capacity and high velocity. We all have different choices when it’s about Pistols. If you are in search of the best 9mm pistol that won’t miss a shot? In this article we’ll discuss Top Ten best 9mm pistols in the world based on product quality and user reviews.

Top Ten 9mm Pistols in the world

They are certainly the best 9mm pistols you would love to try this year. So let’s begin the countdown :

10. The FN Herstal FNX-9

The FN Herstal FNX-9
The FN Herstal FNX-9

Herstal FNX-9 is the best choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting, user-friendly and solid 9mm gun. It fetches $500 and comes with features like, ergonomic frame, safety decocker, and a 1911 redesigned trigger to ensure accuracy, enhanced control and performance. With such features and more you can be rest assured of carrying it for years.

9. The Glock 17 Gen 4

The Glock 17 Gen 4
The Glock 17 Gen 4

The Gen 4 is Glock’s latest presentation, and it comes with enhanced reliability coupled by excellent value. At a weight of 22.04 ounces and length 7.7 inches it has a large capacity. It possesses enhanced ergonomics, an aggressive handle, replaceable back straps, slide texturing and offers two stage recoil spring. All these and more make it one of the top 9mm pistols of 2014 and you can expect to pay $500-$540.

8. The Walther P99 AS610

The Walther P99 AS610
The Walther P99 AS610

At number 8 on the list, this 9mm pistol offers the most ideal point-ability than any other hand gun (Also depends on individual holding the gun). You can sight directly on a target without having to make hand adjustments. It comes with the following features: interchangeable back straps, ergonomic grip, de-cocker, steel fixed, ambo controls and has second strike ability. You can expect to pay $600 for all these features and more.

7. The Taurus- PT92

The Taurus- PT92
The Taurus- PT92

The pistol many have dreamt for has just become reality as Brazil recently announced the Taurus PT92 as their biggest product for the year 2014. A semi-automatic pistol with double and single action work. At $500 you can expect to get this accurate, well-designed, reliable and comfortable pistol.

6. The Beretta -92FS

The Beretta -92FS
The Beretta -92FS

At 6th place, the Beretta 92FS is a close competitor to the Glock with all the desired features. This pistol offers double action/single action abilities. In addition to these features, it also has a decocker, mounted frame and weighs 33.3 ounces. It is very accurate, comfortable and durable. These features and more make the Beretta another 9mm pistol of 2014.

5. The Sig- Sauer -P226

The Sig- Sauer -P226
The Sig- Sauer -P226

If you are looking for something compact and ideal for concealment, the P226 will do just that and more. The 9mm pistol is pretty similar to the Beretta and Glock, only heavier. At $900 it may scare you but the benefits far outweigh the price.

4. The Baby- Eagle II BE9915R

The Baby- Eagle II BE9915R
The Baby- Eagle II BE9915R

If you are a Jeff Cooper fan, then you will definitely want a gun that got praise from him. It’s a fine product and for $630 it owes a great deal to the CZ-75. It’s easy to carry around locked and cocked, weighs 41 ounces, width 1.13in, height 5.75in and a barrel length of 4.52in. The trigger requires double action to ensure safety.

3. The Springfield XD- 9

The Springfield XD- 45
The Springfield XD- 45

In third place, the XD 9 is among the top 9mm pistols of 2014. This small and easy to carry hand gun comes with too many features for its size. Features a 19 round magazine, stainless steel 3 sight dots, a trigger pull of 7.7 pounds and more. Its Melonite finish ensures a thick, hard surface, corrosion resistant and accurate follow-up shots.

2. The EAA Witness Elite Match

The EAA Witness Elite Match
The EAA Witness Elite Match

If you are fairly new to shooting or just in need of a 9mm pistol that offers the least recoiling and the easiest operation, the EAA Elite Match will do all that at a price of $580.It doesn’t have a decocker but has a high capacity magazine. for handling any hostile situations. The design is a much enhanced replica of the following CZ 75 on our list.

1. The CZ-75 SP-01

The CZ-75 SP-01
The CZ-75 SP-01

Coming in as the top 9mm pistol of 2014 is the CZ-75 SP 01, and the latest version to join the CZ 75 family of single action/ double action pistols. It has a black finish to resist corrosion, enhanced grip to protect the shooter’s hand and to enable deeper grip. The pistol is a little heavier than its predecessors, offers unerring accuracy, reliability, durability, comfort and above all it’s an extremely powerful handgun. Added features such as Cold Hammer Built barrel and Secured Night Sights are all to ensure safety in every possible way. A safety stop on the hammer, firing safety-pin and manual safety make the perfect military sidearm for any assault.

I just feel exciting when I touch any Pistol. just passionate about it. But I’m not that lucky to have one, still I bring top ten best 9mm pistols for you. Enjoy and Have a good day!


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  1. Hello ,

    Guns have been my weakness for many years now…it’s a great idea that you’ve presented the best ten there is for 2014. When I finally wish to get a gun license, option 4 would be real great.

    Do have a great weekend.


  2. Hi Top Ten ! I like this Blog of Top Ten things ! I do see every post is related to Top Ten, That is amazing & Beautiful. Thanks for sharing amazing post of “Top Ten 9mm Pistols of 2014”

  3. I wish I could try and handle one of these guns.
    Geting a license for firearms was among my wishes in the past years.
    Interesting article, thanks for sharing!

  4. These pistols are awesome and love to buy mostly of these . I think pistols are good but we should move towards guns . Here i found on the internet list of top 10 most dangerous guns and i glad to buy third most dangerous gun for myself.

  5. Its amazing post because i more like guns and these all guns are i like it.
    Thanks for sharing this information

  6. Hammer fired only.

    10. FNH FNX
    9. HK USP
    8. Beretta 92
    7. Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II
    6. CZ75
    5. Sig P226
    4. Browning Hi-Power
    3. Wilson Combat Spec-Ops 9
    2. Nighthawk Custom T4
    1. Sig P210

    1. RE: Gun Nut’s post,
      I’ve never fired the P210, but warm weather carry the 938, cold carry the 2022, sold a 290, and had the 226 before trading it for a Colt Trooper Mark V. (For sale on Armslist. Going for funding to get into a couple hunting rifles.)

      I like American Gun Nut’s list better than the alltopten’s. I find it difficult to give credibility to the author who wishes s/he owned a handgun. How can someone make a top 10 and not own a pistol!?!?

  7. I’m not a lover of guns but it’s interesting to know that guns cost that much. Even though they all have varying prices, it all serves the same purpose and that is simple; it all can kill.

    1. Its like cars, they can all drive, but quality makes the differance in price. Some handguns cost $150 and if you want you can spend upwards of $3k for a custom build. And yes, they can kill, but 99.9 percent of every one target shoots and that .1 if for when you use it to protect your life. And Hopefuly you don’t have to utilize that .1, but life happens.

      1. no…the guy is right…the gaddam rudimentary objects guns cost like a computer and they are really inventions of early 20th century not to say even earlier!….and no guns are not like cars that are much more complicated!….inovate to rise price!….for example make some cooling sistem and suppression, may be caseless ammo….and then you can put some computer prices!….until then pffffssssllrrrr…..

    2. Yes, handguns can kill but they don’t have to. That’s why accuracy is so important: gives you the option to shoot the kneecaps out if you think that’ll stop ’em.

  8. Great Review of some great guns. I’ve been into rifles all my life but just recently got into handguns. I’m an average Joe too and can’t buy lots of guns so recently had to make a choice of what handgun to buy. Several of the guns on the list above were also on my list with the CZ 75 one of my top three. However I ended up with a Walther PPQ. It just fit my hand better and I held the CZ among others. Maybe one day I’ll own it too but for now I’m happy with my choice.

  9. Those are all good choices.
    The best handgun is the ONE YOU SHOOT MOST COMFORTABLE WITH. … Each individual has different hand/ finger sizes etc.There is no one size fits all

  10. Without question the CZ 75 SP-01 is the best 9mm I have ever shot. And it did so straight out of the box. I cannot attest to longevity at this point but as far as most double taps on target, fantastic.

  11. I ve been a pistol enthusiast for more the 1.5 decades. I ve owned and/or fired many 9mm pistols including the top of the slot like Beretta 92 fs and glock 17, Great guns indeed. But about 5 years a go I came across CZ 75 (Omega version) and Fell in love with that piece. The gun is built like a tank and feels good in hand. Great Accuracy . 2 years back I tread it off for Its upgraded version, CZ 75 SP01 Shadow. The controls are extended, the sights and grips are better with same “Tank like” built and accuracy. I think it would be quite unfaire not to grade this gun as #1 9mm in production scale guns.

  12. Hi Alltop10,

    this is great an uniqe article, before you article I didn’t seen this type article any where on website, great work.. again thanks for this great list, before this i didn’t have any information about guns now I know some good guns..

    Mohd Arif

  13. I wish.. i love to handle one.. its needed over here.. sounds funny nah.. great collection of guns and luv the review.. 🙂

  14. Ranking a handgun is just a personal opinion. Anyone can clone a handgun from another manufacture, but it is only a copy of the original. I am not saying that its wrong but once again it should not be listed side by side. I owned berettas in the past but came to like glock better and then I fail in love with sig.

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