Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

There’s a wealth of content available on Google Play Store, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. Here is a list of  Top 10 Must Have Android Apps  which is a must have for an Android user. Open Play Store and the first thing you’ll see is a colorful carousel which displays all the latest apps, games and media available inside.

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

Top 10 Must Have Android Apps

1. Amazon’s App Store

Download Amazon’s App Store for a free paid app every day – it’s really that simple. Unlike the rest of the apps in our top 10, the Amazon App store cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, but instead has to be downloaded from the Amazon website, though once installed, it’s a delight to use.

2. Chrome Browser

Chrome for Android synchronizes with Chrome for desktop, bringing all your bookmarks, search history and browsing habits to your mobile with little more than your user name and password. A must-have for all Chrome desktop users.

3. AVG AntiVirus Software

AVG, famous for its market-leading PC software, is now available for your Android phone and tablet. It’s free, offers complete protection from all kinds of nasty things like malware, viruses, and dodgy applications. Once installed, it will help shielding you from threats to your privacy and online identity.

4. Myplayer

Myplayer brings in the Galaxy S III’s Pop up Play functionality to all Android phones and adds a TV catch up-style streaming service into the mix for added functionality. Myplayer also manages to pull off some of the best streaming we’ve seen including an easy to use user interface.

5. NRG Player

NRG Player is a music player that replaces the standard Samsung music player. You can customize the look of the player and adjust settings, whether you want to boost the bass or add a preset. The player supports a range of different home screen widgets and even allows you to start playing music directly from your home screen.

6. Awesome Note

One of the best-loved productivity application for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, is now available exclusively for Android aboard the Galaxy Note 8.0. The application comes pre-installed, supports the S Pen stylus, and looks great blown up on the Galaxy Note 8.0’s 1280×800-pixel display.

7. lnstagram

Instagram follows a simple mantra, take pictures, add effects, and share them with millions of other users. lnstagram is now the world’s most popular social photography application. It’ wonderfully designed and is totally free to download. Instagram is really a must-have app for anyone who enjoys snapping images, editing them and then sharing them with the world.

8. Sketch Guru

Sketch Guru is one app. perfect to use on a large screen, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note II or

Samsung Galaxy S4. import a photo from your gallery or use the app to take a new photo and add an effect You can import your photos from Dropbox or Rd

9. Shazam

The science behind Shazam might be complicated, but how it works in practice is simple: open the

App, hit the Shazam key, wait a second, and it tells you everything you need to know about a song. As a music discovery tool Shazam is unparalleled. You need this free application in your life.

10. Flipboard

Flipboard takes the web and turns it into your own personal digital magazine. Lauded as one of the best applications of its kind, Flipboard offers a unique and thoroughly engaging way to consume all of your favorite news sources, websites and writers.

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  1. Hello!

    THank you for sharing this post. I only have Instagram in my android phone. Will definitely download some of what you have posted here.


  2. its a great post. thanks for sharing. but i think privacy apps are also must needed apps for any user. i think leo privacy should also be on the list. its one of the best security apps available on playstore

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