Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in The World

Recent 2015 Nepal earthquake on 25 April reminded us that human species is helpless in front of mother nature. Recent earthquake already killed 7000 people and it’s the death is expected to exceed 10000 and injured more than 15000 people. Here is a list of 10 deadliest earthquakes in the world in human history in terms of fatality and damage. Deadliest Earthquakes may not be the strongest earthquake due to geography and population density of the area. Read the list of Strongest earthquakes.

An earthquake occurs when the energy of earth’s crust movement suddenly releases. This causes a series of seismic wave which violently shakes the earth. Damaged caused by this violent shaking of the earth is incomprehensible. From birth mother earth has experienced earthquakes in magnitude up to 12 in Richter scale. Humans though haven’t experienced earthquakes of such massive scale, even though Deadliest Earthquakes in history are responsible for the death of millions of people and damaged properties worth billions of dollars.

Top 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in The World

Here are 10 of the worst earthquakes in the world, in the number of deaths and damage to property. Damage and death of a particular earthquake depend on the location of the epicenter, population density and infrastructure of the region. Earthquakes of intensity in the range of 7-8 killed 100 times more than recent Nepal earthquake which had an intensity of 7.9.

10. Great Kantō earthquake, Kantō region, Japan

1923 Great Kantō earthquake

Date:  1st September 1923
magnitude:  7.9
Deaths: 105,385
Cause of Death: Tsunami

9. Ashgabat Earthquake, Turkmenistan, USSR

1948 Ashgabat earthquake

Date:  6th October 1948
magnitude:  7.3
Deaths: 110,000

8. Messina earthquake, Italy

Date:  28th December 1908
magnitude:  7.1
Deaths: 123,000
Cause of Death: Collapsed structure

7. Ardabil earthquake, Iran

893 Ardabil earthquake

Date:  March 22, 893
magnitude: Unknown
Deaths: Estimated 150,000

6. Haiti Earthquake, Haiti

2010 Haiti earthquake

Date:  12th January 2008
magnitude:  7.0
Deaths: 222,570
Cause of Death: Fracture, Tsunami

5. Aleppo Earthquake, Syria

1138 Aleppo earthquake

Date: 11th October 1138
magnitude:  Unknown
Deaths: 230,000
Cause of Death: Fracture

4. Indian Ocean Earthquake, Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

Date: 26th December 2004
magnitude: 9.1
Deaths: 230,210+
Cause of Death: Earthquake and Tsunami

3. Tangshan Earthquake, Hebei, China

1976 Tangshan earthquake

Date:  28th July 1976
magnitude: 7.8
Deaths: 242,769

2. Haiyuan Earthquake, Gansu, China

1920 Haiyuan earthquake

Date:  16th December 1920
magnitude:  7.8
Deaths: 273,400
Cause of Death: Fracture, Landslide

1. Shaanxi Earthquake, China

1556 Shaanxi earthquake
Deadliest Earthquakes in The World : 1556 Shaanxi earthquake

Date:  23rd January 1556
magnitude:  Estimated 8.0
Deaths: Estimated 820,000
Cause of Death: Collapse of house

There are not much information available about 1556 Shaanxi Earthquake. A book published by International Association of Engineering Geology International Congress in 1990 estimated that this devastating earthquake killed 820,000. Location of the earthquake is responsible for such huge amount of casualties. Although this was not the most powerful earthquake, but widespread destruction and casualties made Shaanxi earthquake the Deadliest Earthquakes in The World.

Top 3 among 10 Deadliest Earthquakes in The World are situated in China, and all of them affected the life of millions of people and cause for loss of trillions of dollars. We tried to be as accurate as possible while researching for the most dangerous earthquake. If you find any factual error in this article let us know in the comment section. Also, share this information on Facebook, Twitter to inform your friends and family, and followers about this. N.B: some data in this list are estimates, and you can find a slight deviation depending on the source.

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