Ten Useless Human Body Parts

Whether you are big enthusiast of development or you are totally against this, there are some parts of the body which are not any longer required to survive or live. Even as they can have been required to live in the previous time, in the present world, there are lots of different parts of human which you just do not require! Here you can check a list of Ten Useless Human Body Parts:

10. Plica semilunaris

Plica semilunaris

Better understand as your 3rd eyelid, or possibly not, this part in human bodies is only one of the several parts that you don’t require. In case you stop your eyelids, the plica semilunaris would be uncovered.

9. Arrector Pili

Arrector Pili

These are very small size of muscle fibers which are close to every hair follicle on the body. It is identified to make stand the hairs that sources goose bumps. A lot of mammals, together with his humans have small size muscle fibers; though, they supply no genuine purpose.

8. Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth

These teeth are those which are situated in the back side of mouth. These types of teeth were one time very cooperative, mainly when persons had a diet which comprised of hard meat.

7. Coccyx


This is more usually recognized as the tailbone, it is the end part of the person vertebrae. It comprises of five divide or merged vertebrae and it is the remainder of the tail known as vestigial. On the other hand, it is not totally useless.

6. Tonsils


These are one more ineffective part of the human body which can source people various pain. You can open your wide mouth and you will notice tonsil on both side of throat, except you removed them.

5. Adenoids


These are ample of lymphoid tissues which are situated at the back side of nose. These are division of the immune system as well as catch bacteria which can source viruses.

4. Sinuses


These are a part of the human body which doctors actually do not understand very much about. Few say that they lag people eyes, even as few doctors suppose that they sway the pitch and tome of people voice.

3. Male nipples

Male nipples

This does not have much of a clarification. Males do not feed through their breast; therefore men’s nipples actually are not required.

2. Gall bladder

Gall bladder

It is only one more part of the human body that is occasionally removed by surgery. This is a small size organ that is identified to amass bile and aid in the process of digestion. On the other hand, it can occasionally make gall stones and source people to not be capable eat without nausea.

1. Appendix


This is a muscular, narrow tube which joints to the big intestine. Its use is to absorb cellulose. It was an added necessary and important organ when the human body was initiated to extra vegetables. At the time the diet of human consisted of regularly plants, the narrow tube was very important. On the other hand, at the present time, it is not a required organ.

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