10 Reasons why I want to get UK education

Nowadays it’s a trend that Indian students are frequently travelling abroad (UK, USA, Singapore, Germany, Australia and Canada etc) for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Going abroad has both advantages and disadvantages. Some places are well-known for their curriculum, some for their infrastructure, some for affordability. In the same way countries like USA is too costly, Australia is now a day not that much secure (at-least for Indian students), whereas country like Germany doesn’t welcome people from other ethnicity.

I am a graduate in Mathematics, and have plans to study my masters abroad. Hence I have done some research of all popular universities and their countries regarding their environment, ease of study, future scope, affordability, behavior of locales, and overall quality of knowledge and here are the Ten reasons why I would love to do my postgraduate at Oxford University, UK (If I get a chance).

Top Ten Reasons why UK knowledge is Great

10. Secure Environment

Safety Main

A few years ago foreign students in Australia were tortured inhumanly, and Australian government did not pay proper attention. This makes us think about our security while we learn. A disturbed mind cannot be creative. Math is the subject which needs calmness of our mind. So, secure environment is most wanted for any math students.

Being a multicultural society, residents (and students) of UK are tolerant to international exo-ethionic students, and their Govt. do not discriminate in between person based on religion, language, ethnicity, or culture. Hence studying at UK is far more secure than most of other countries. At these kind of environment we can extend our possibilities to the best level.

9. Can Study at my own way

study own way

Education in UK provides you choice to study the subject you want. As UK follows a modular structure, I can choose the area of interest within a subject. They also gives you chance to study different subjects together (such as English and any other foreign language, or classical mathematics and physics).

Another advantage of studying at UK is, unlike many other countries, there are no age limit for entering study. Hence you can enroll there as a student at any age even at your late 40s or 50s.

8. Good Scopes for research

scope for research

Oxford not only provides great advantages for undergraduate courses but also has well-designed postgraduate courses of our interest. This assures us to have a good scope for postgraduate and further research on our subject of choice. It is doubtless that Oxford has some top class faculties who guide students for their research. Though it is somehow hard to get the opportunity but hard workers don’t lose. As I am doing my undergraduate in math, I would like to take a chance to be a family member of Oxford University.

7. Value for Money

Value for money

Education in UK is lot more affordable as the fees are reasonable compared to other leading institutes in USA, Canada, Germany. At UK (Specifically in Oxford). I will get quality education for a reasonable amount of fees. UK Govt., Indian Govt and University administration has several financial support schemes (such as scholarships and cheap study loans), which makes studying at UK within the reach of every middle class Indian family (including me).

6. Adventure of a lifetime

Adventure of a lifetimeEvery person in the world plans to spend a happy and peaceful life. This comes to us when we get everything we want within our expected time. In the study of Math , building logical steps to solve a problem (e.g. while  proving a theorem) gives me  great excitement. To solve an unknown problem is a type of discovery. I feel adventure while doing that. When it is a real life problem it adds more excitement to my mind.

5. World-class Education

World-class Education

In India there are hardly a few universities which offer Integrated and world-class education. Where Oxford offers modern method which includes Computer Programming, internet-based learning, and so on. As for example, when we study differential equation using  Matlab  we can plot them which makes the problems easier to understand and feel the lessons. There are so many online tutorial videos over internet that are so amazing that this make the subject lovely and attractive, where students in some Indian Universities have to take unnecessary courses. This is indeed a torture on the creative minds. If we cannot get connected to those thoughts and results someone from somewhere found then we do just repetition of old methods which has no value to the world, and just waste of time and talent. These negative sides are beautifully handled by Oxford and make the learning live.

4. Great scholarships

Great scholarships

In past many students dream to study in a great place like Oxford but their dream was not fulfilled because of money. Now there are so many scholarships available. For studying Math in Oxford there are Felix scholarship, scholarship by Indian government and  several other by public and private bodies. This makes many students get a beautiful place for study without any tension of money.

3. Opens the doors to dream career

dream career

Every prosperous students have their own goals.I am no exception. I choose research on  applied math.

I choose this because

  • This portion of math study is close to real life .this will enable me to know the world one step closer.
  • The present world needs which is applicable to raise the quality of our life.So scope of getting a well-paid job is far more greater than other branches of math.
  • Oxford university is a better choice for doing applied math courses. The main reason is there are so many great teachers to help to get me to the door of my dream. The college community and Oxford Union (a place to meet worlds top class persons) makes Oxford distinct from other universities in UK.

2. Feel at home

Feel at home

Previously I had plans to study at Australia, but after some unacceptable incidents and security issues I would rather love to study at UK, rather than Australia. For a student, peace of mind and secure environment is a must have as without this he/she will not be able to fully concentrate on studies.

Due to Good bilateral relations between India and Great Britain and the open society of UK provides a good environment for studies. Unlike countries like Australia, Germany People and Govt. of UK are welcoming and they accept different Religion, culture, ethnicity and color. Hence a student will never face discriminatory behavior from hosting country.

Many universities also have international student societies which provide international students chance to meet and know people from different parts of the world.

1. UK Knowledge is Great

UK Knowledge is Great

Starting from Francis Bacon,Charles Darwin,Paul Dirac,Edward Jenner, Maxwell,Bertrand Russell, to recent Stephen Hawking, Alan Turing UK has produced more than 250 world scientists,physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers who changed the world with their exceptional knowledge, discoveries and thoughts. All these were possible because they got their education at UK. UK has proved greatness of it’s knowledge over the time (starting from 13th century).

Till now 115 UK residents got Nobel prize in various fields (source Wikipedia) which proves the quality and usability of their knowledge and effectiveness of their curriculum.UK is the second country to get that many Nobel Prizes (only lagging behind US). US is full of migrants and most of the US residents are migrants.

So it’s an honor to get complete my studies at such an ecosystem/society full of cheerful minds. Another advantage is the surround effect by which the person around you sub-consciously forces you to improve your mindset which is good for research related work.

Why I want to study at Oxford University

10 Reasons why I want to get UK education

There are in fact countless reasons of this statement. As I have already said I am a graduate in mathematics, and in UK I will get more opportunity to do research in my than any other place at an affordable rate. There are also a good chance that I will be awarded a scholarship due to my performance in UG.

Oxford is counted among the Top Ten Universities in the world, and by studying there my Postgraduate, I will be able to explore my full potential as well as a very good chance to enter a great career.

I am a part-time blogger and meet several people all around the web with the help of the internet. Internet put the world in our doorstep. But travelling has it’s another sort of experience. Masters at UK will provide me chance to experience the century old rich royal culture. Along with studying at a world-famous university and grabbing quality knowledge I will get the experience of travelling this former world powerhouse. Not only that I will get preference at jobs, and also have lots of opportunity of research.

If I do not get a chance in Oxford, there are plenty of world-class universities to complete my masters. What else a student need? That’s more than enough for me to go to UK to study mathematics.

Sadekur Rahaman

Engineer, blogger, Gadget Geek, founder of several useful websites including All Top Tens who loves to read and write.

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