Top Ten Upcoming Android Tablets of 2014

Top 10 Android Tablets to Look Forward in 2014

The next month’s Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona probably will launch a series of the new top ten upcoming Android tablets of 2014, as well as smart phones or other gadgets. However, many of the official launches are not yet verified, sign that the biggest companies would like to take Apple’s model and create separate launching events for their …

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Top Ten Most Useful Android Apps

When it comes to smartphones and tablets, Android leads the race in mobile operating systems mainly because of vast availability of Useful Android Apps. While the Apple iPhone, Windows Phone, and even the Blackberry all compete for their own slice of the market, Android devices are, by far, the most popular, mostly because of their largely open source design. Although …

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Top Ten Most Downloaded Android Apps 2014

With numerous launching including smart phones, tablets, as well as the taking over of Motorola, it is clearly that 2013 was the year for Google. The American giant hit 500 million Android devices worldwide by September 2012, and, only one year later, at the beginning of September 2013, there were already more than 1 billion Android devices activated globally. But …

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Top Ten Android Smart Phones of 2014

Although the year 2014 has just become, tech fanatics want to know all about the future gadgets. In terms of Top Ten Android Smart Phones, this year the tendencies remain pretty much the same – big phones with big screens, followed by the “phablet” hybrids. Competitors are also more or less the same, with Samsung continuing to be the number …

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