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10 Tips to improve battery life of your Android Smartphone

Top 10 Tips to improve battery life of your Android Smartphone

Latest top-notch Android smartphone may have state of the art specification but performance comes at the price of poor battery life, and those smartphones tend to run out of battery quickly. If you are interested in squeezing out some more battery life from your Android smartphone without significantly affecting performance, you are at the right place. In past 7-8 years …

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Top Ten Features of Moto G

We all got attracted when we see some innovative gadgets related to future technology, but the worst thing is that they are not budget friendly. Thats the reason why budget smartphones are in high demand among customers worldwide. When it comes to smartphones, we cant forget one of the big brand, Motorola. Motorola just launched its Moto G smartphone(in India) …

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Top Ten Android Smart Phones of 2014

Although the year 2014 has just become, tech fanatics want to know all about the future gadgets. In terms of Top Ten Android Smart Phones, this year the tendencies remain pretty much the same – big phones with big screens, followed by the “phablet” hybrids. Competitors are also more or less the same, with Samsung continuing to be the number …

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