Top 10 April Fools’ Day pranks

Top 10 April Fools' Day pranks

April Fools’ day is one of the funniest holidays in the year. Some people do not even remember this day until they get pranked and some dedicated people spend weeks to plan the pranks for their victims. As you are reading this means you are belong to the second group. So enjoy this April Fools‘ Day with your family and …

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Top Ten Most Weird World Records

Since 1955, the Guinness Book of World Records has been keeping a record of the most insane and awesome achievements that people spend their time doing all over the world. With a record for everything from the largest pizza to the largest number of bees attached to one person, the Guinness Book of World Records has entertained millions of children …

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Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses / celebs

Top Ten Onscreen Nude Hollywood Actresses

In this list you Top Ten Nude Hollywood Actresses who performed completely naked Onscreen(on one or multiple movies) . Sometimes Hollywood actresses perform completely naked due to the need of the scene and movie. Sometimes nude scenes of famous actor/actresses are specifically filmed for the promotion of the movie. You might have seen naked Kate Winslet in Titanic or Angelina Jolie …

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