10 questions that you don’t want the answer to

In this world there are so many things that are un-answered, and no one wants to give answer to that particular question. Here are 10 questions that you don’t want the answer to.

10. Can you ever turn into a robot?

Could I ever become a zombie?

Well the answer to that is yes, you could turn into a zombie. There are many Voodoo rituals that supposedly send people into trance for a long time throughout the utilization of certain hallucinogens. Clairvius Narcisse was a notable victim who is also known as the man who was once a zombie. He was in a state of induced zombie like coma through the use of tetrodotoxin and   bufotoxin.

9. For teeth, How soda id bad?

How bad is soda for my teeth?

Dentists say that most aerated sugared sodas can be as dangerous to the teeth enamel as a battery acid. Many studies have also compared diet sodas to cocaine and methamphetamine as the users of such drugs often tend to develop identical symptoms like rotting, discolored and destroyed teeth.

8. Could creating a toast piece hurt me?

Could making a piece of toast hurt me?

Well that’s a tough question to answer because no one thinks that they can ever get hurt toasting a bread. But the reality is that toasters cause fatalities of over 700,000 worldwide in a year. Sharks in comparison kill only 9 people in a year.

7. Why does my jelly sandwich and peanut butter have funny taste?

Why does my peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste funny?

The answer might gross you out but the fact is that Food and Drug Administration allows for an average of 30 insect fragments per 100 grams of peanut butter. It is actually insect filth whose aggregate length exceeds not more than 5mm which is an unavoidable defect in food and causes no health hazard to humans.

 6.  Is Television watching badly for me?

Is watching Television badly for me?

If you are in a hospital waiting hall changing the channels to watch a program then is a chance that you might get infected by bacteria. There are some bacteria on remote in hospitals cause around 90k deaths per year.

 5. Anybody wish to bathe in the swimming pool?

Anyone want to go for a swim in the pool?

According to a survey, one out of five people have openly agreed to relieve in the pool. Although this should not affect any swimmers as urine is sterile and contains only salts and broken down protein.

 4. What are my possibilities of receiving hit through meteorite?

What are my chances of getting hit by a meteorite?

The chances are very slim in this case. Only 1 hit in several years has been registered throughout the normal lifetime.

 3.  What builds my scent smell perfect?

What makes my perfume smell so good?

You’ll be shocked to know that the chemical is Ambergris more commonly known as whale vomit. This is an odd and rather expensive chemical that is used in the manufacturing of some scents.

2. Can bird’s hit bring a plane down?

 Can a bird strike bring down a plane?

Aircrafts hitting by birds have shown in the death of around 200 individuals worldwide since the year 1988. So, a bird hit could actually bring down your plane.

 1. Would you ever get hit by lightning?

Will I ever get struck by lightning?

On the standard, there are so many people die every year in United States of America due to lightning strikes.
So there it is the 10 questions that no one would be ever bothered about.

Sadekur Rahaman

Engineer, blogger, Gadget Geek, founder of several useful websites including All Top Tens who loves to read and write.

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  1. Number 6.

    Anything you put into your mind (subconscious mind)takes roots. It’s important to feed our minds with great “food”, same goes for the body.

    thanks for the share, Kapil


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